Iron Man 3 Movie Review 5
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If you have been reading my blog, tweets or Facebook as of late, you would know that I was invited with Disney to see the Iron Man 3 Premiere in LA at the El Capitan Theatre. I had an absolute blast on my way in the event. You can read about what I wore and who I saw here, Iron Man 3 Red Carpet Premiere At The El Capitan Theatre. Once we went through the security, relinquished our treasured possessions (cameras & phones), we picked up a pair of snazzy Iron Man 3, 3-D glasses, and found our seats on the balcony. The whole theater was buzzing with anticipation. We finally got to enjoy the third Iron Man movie. I love how Marvel has tied in all of the “Avenger” character films leaving us wanting more. Every Marvel film I see, I am eager to see the next chapter. Much like the way I read my books! Iron Man 3 was packed with action as the films usually are, but this time Iron Man made a friend. A kindred genius if you will.

Iron Man 3 Movie Review 1

Don’t they just look ecstatic? But wait…Where is Iron Man’s ARC reactor? Why are they sitting on the couch next to each other? I thought Tony Stark was Iron Man…or is he?

Iron Man 3 Movie Review 4

I’ll give you a hint…Tony Stark has been very busy passing time in creating new suits. 42 suits to be exact. What happened to the suit above was heart-pounding, edge of the seat action that left poor Pepper Potts in a tizzy as usual. I just love the romantic feel to this film. Pepper sure shows you what she is made of! I won’t spoil it for you, but I can tell you that she walks a mile in his shoes.

Iron Man 3 Movie Review 3

Of course, there is a lot more going on, like an old girlfriend comes to visit and wait…that girlfriend is dating a guy who used to hold a flame for Pepper? Hmmm…you think that is a set up? Oh! The War Machine gets a makeover and now he is the Iron Patriot. Kinda catchy don’t you think?

Iron Man 3 Movie Review 2
After the film, I wanted to clap…wait I did! Do you want to know more? Watch the trailer! Then go get your tickets because the movie is in a theater near you today!



  1. Just Watched the movie…. It was amazing… Loved all the action n that kid. Pepper did amazing job

  2. Great review! I am not a big fan of Iron Man in general, but my hubby and teen boys are. They are going to see it tomorrow while I stay home with the little one. 🙂
    I am sure that they are going to love it.
    Thank you for sharing.

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