Maybe you want to put up a kitchen backsplash made up of clean white subway tiles, or maybe you want to redo the bathroom floor in soft-gray hexagons. Whatever your tiling plans are, you should know that there’s always a risk that comes with going for DIY instead of hiring the experts. Find out the pros and cons of trying this project on your own to see if it’s really worth the risk.

The Pros:

You Can Save Money

When it comes to home improvements, the materials aren’t usually the most expensive part of the project. It’s all of the additions that come after that, like delivery fees and the costs of professional installation. That’s why DIY is so popular. You can eliminate those extra costs.

You Can Learn How

You can find online tutorials and articles to learn how to do anything from tiling a kitchen backsplash to tiling an entire bathroom. All that information is just a click away.  

The Cons:

Your Mistakes Will Cost You

A lot of DIY-ers skip essential steps that contractors wouldn’t, and that can cost them lots of money in the future.

Like, if you don’t add moisture protections when tiling a shower wall, you’re setting yourself up for expensive problems like water damage and mold. All of sudden, your money-saving idea is going to cost you more than paying the pros.

If you’ve run into one of these emergencies after your DIY and you don’t have enough in your budget to cover them, you may consider a personal line of credit. Solve these urgent situations as soon as possible and put the experience behind you. You can click here to learn how to apply for a personal line of credit and to see what other important reasons you could use it for. 

Your Mistakes Will Look Bad

A smaller consequence that comes from doing a rough tiling job is that your rooms won’t look as nice. One of the most popular tiling mistakes that people make is that they don’t clean up the grout properly after laying the tiles. Letting it dry will make the surface of the tiles look cloudy and permanently dirty.

Here are some other common cosmetic mistakes:

  • Tiles are cracked
  • Patterns are off
  • Results aren’t level
  • Tiles are lifting off the ground


What Can You Do?

Well, if you’re not too confident in your DIY skills, you should think about hiring a contractor to do the job for you. If that’s too much for your budget, a savvy solution is to use peel and stick tiles to give you the look of neatly laid tiles without any of the consequences. It’s not a good option for flooring, but it’s perfect for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls.

Doing it yourself sounds like it’s a cheaper option, but that’s not necessarily true. If you do it right, it will be well worth the savings. But, if you do it wrong, it could cost you much more than the original price tag.