Home Blogging Tips Is Improper Grammar A Blogging Pet Peeve?

Is Improper Grammar A Blogging Pet Peeve?

Is Improper Grammar A Blogging Pet Peeve?

If you do any type of writing in your life, you know it is not as easy as people think. The first stumbling block you face as a writer is coming up with an idea for your article, essay or blog post. Once you come up with your idea, then you probably sit and stare at the screen until your inspiration comes. Once your fingers get moving, you probably get going pretty well through most of the body of your work. People are so different in their methods of writing that they are as unique as the individual themselves. You will see one person fly through their text without caring about spelling, grammar and other issues. They are the ones who will go back after the piece is complete and check their spelling and look for grammatical issues. Some folks will be more meticulous about their spelling and grammar as they go. If you can find a program that can check that grammar for you, it can take a lot of time and worry off your shoulders. Luckily, proofreading your writing has never been easier with Grammarly.

Proofreading Your Writing

Grammarly is a wonderful program to help you with proofreading your writing at the touch of a button. Grammarly was started in 2009 by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn when they were each just 28 years old. The guys were looking for a way to make a program that would proofread, check for plagiarism and check the writer’s grammar. The Grammarly system has over 250 grammar checks, does the proofreading and plagiarism overview and gives you a list of your possible errors for correction.  You will get a list of words that are commonly confused, highlights faulty sentences as well as an explanation for all. You will see bad and good examples of the error and suggested corrections you can choose to use. You will also receive citations if there is any plagiarism problems detected.

I was given the Grammarly program to test out to help me with my proofreading on my posts. I used a post to test the program and it was extremely easy to use. You can upload or cut and paste your document and Grammarly then gets to thinking. In a matter of seconds, you will get a pop up screen if you have any errors. For example, I did not put a “,” before the word “and”, so that was highlighted and the rules of grammar for that were listed. It is very easy to make changes to the errors and skip through any others you may have. You can use the program for business, general, academic, technical or creative writing.  Another big plus about the program is there is a Plug-in for Microsoft Office, which adds Grammarly to Microsoft Word and Outlook. I found this very helpful and it made it quite easy to access it. Overall, this is a great program if you want an extra pair of eyes to proofread your documents.

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