Platypus Australia UV Swimwear

I am one of those people who can get sunburned just thinking about the sun. My husband is one of those people who can get a tan that did not begin as a burn. He can go outside for one afternoon without a shirt and the next day, he will have a nice base tan. My kids got a mixture of both mine and my husband’s propensity for burns and tans. Basically, they will burn for a handful of times in the sun and then will eventually tan as the summer progresses. Now, do not think I let them run around willy nilly without sunscreen. I just have a hard time getting them to do the repeat when you get wet process. I have been looking for alternatives to the sunscreen method that would be easier. I have asked them to wear hats and sun glasses when they are not in the water and that works to a certain point. They just do not always remember to put them back on after they have taken them off to get into the water. A friend of mine said she has started using UV protective swimwear and clothing for their kids and that I should look into it. There is a company from down under that has been making waves in the swimwear business since 1996 and they are Platypus Australian Swimwear.
UV Protective Swimwear

UV Protective Swimwear

I did not know this, but besides using sunscreen, clothing is our next line of defense against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Henry is the one who burns more than Caitlin and I knew he would like to try out the products from Platypus Australia. I was sent the most handsome outfit from Platypus Australia that included a hat, the boys Youth Sun Shirt and the Zig Zag board shorts. He is not interested in the fact that the swimwear was UV protective swimwear, he just likes the way it looks and feels. In addition to the protection Henry gets from the sun while wearing the clothing and the hat, it also helps him with a symptom of his autism. He has sensory processing disorder and clothing that is stretchy but firm help these kids feel grounded. It gives them a sense of safety that is more intuitive than it is cognitive.

One of the things I loved about the products from Platypus Australia is the hat is made of the same stretchy material the top is made from. As you can see in the picture, it can even stretch to fit my husband’s head. He actually has confiscated the hat and has been wearing it daily since it arrived. Henry loves his clothing and it looks great and it is constructed extremely well. As a parent, I appreciate the mission of Platypus Australia to educate parents, kids and those in the industry of the extreme importance of protecting kids from the possibility of skin cancer as an adult. With an extensive line that includes rash guards, bathing suits, UV wear, and beachwear, you are sure to find the perfect thing for your kids. The rash guards and swim shirts block out at least 97.5% of the suns UV rays and there is no worry of applying lotions or mists to the kids over and over again. We are crazy about the UV clothing we received and would recommend it to everyone for its style and protection that are wrapped up into one. You can purchase your swimwear for kids ages 12 months to 14 years online at the Platypus Australia online store front. The Youth Sun Shirt for Henry sells for $34.95, the Youth Slim Board Short for $40.95 and the hat for $29.95.

Girl's Clothes

The prices for each size group are:

  • Babies ages 1-2 years:Bottoms: $23.95-$25.95 and Sun Suit $42.00-$48.95
  • Girls ages 2-8 years:Bathing Suits: $34.95-$37.95, Shorts $27.95-$35.95, Rash Guards $35.95-$36.95
  • Boys ages 2-8 years: Swim Brief: $24.50, Shorts: $25.95-$39.95, Rash Guards $35.95-$36.95
  • Girls ages 10-14: Bathing Suite $38.95-$40.95, Shorts $29.95-$38.95, Rash Guards $38.95
  • Boys ages 10-14: Shorts:$27.95-$40.95, Rash Guards $37.95-$40.95

One world wide reader will win their choice of one girls rash guard and shorts or rash guard and bathing suit
and One world wide reader will win one boys rash guard and shorts


  1. I love the Style: PY63BBG-13 – Youth Boyleg Bikini for my daughter, but I love all the baby boy things too!

  2. The Style: PK66ES-13 – Kids Empire Swimsuit in Mermaid Swirl would be perfect for our granddaughter. She would like it as much as we do.

  3. Really like the Kids Slim boardshort 4 my Grandson,& the Girls Sunskirt for my Grandaughter!!! (HollyC) Thanks for the chance….

  4. the lotus colored little girls swim wear is so cute! I like the swimsuit with the frill skirt, but my LO would hate it! i think the kids lycra bordie shorts would be a good choice for her.

  5. I like the Sonic Waves Kids Sunshirt SS and the Kids Slim Boardshort and of course the kids sun hat is adorable. Great product!

  6. I like the SunSkirt or the Baby Sunsut LS – I have a suite similar for our baby girl that is like the SunSkirt, but I like how it is easy to get on and off of her and it seems comfortable, thanks for this!

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