Isagenix Reviews

Isagenix Reviews

Cleanse for Life. That is what the bottle says. That has become my motto on cleanse days. I am doing this for life. a good quality of life to be able to share with my children and my husband. I want to be able to fit into my jeans without stretching them out first. I want to be able to run with my kids and not get tired. I want to look pretty for my husband. Isagenix is helping me do this, just like it helped the people in the video below. This was aired on abc channel 4 news.

Total Body Cleanse

This morning I started the second session of my cleanse -the last 2 days of the nine-day cleanse. Here you can read about my shake days on Isagenix. A cleanse day is a pretty busy day. Basically every 2 hours, you are doing something. Cleanse-water-accelerator pill-Isagenix snacks-water-cleanse-water-Isagenix snacks-water-accelerator capsule-water-cleanse-water-Isagenix snacks-water-cleanse-water. Did I say water? I am not hungry at all which is really odd considering the only food I have had is these 6 wafers as shown below.

Does Isagenix work

I actually like them. They taste like chocolate Charleston chews to me. They definitely keep the hunger pains at bay. It is the liquid cleanse that makes me balk. It is berry flavored which is my least favorite flavor of all time. They suggest drinking it over ice, but I prefer to drink it in a shot glass and pretend it is nasty whiskey! With a water chaser! Now of course in the middle of all this, I get my monthly visitor, which means I am going to bloat, retain water and weigh more. I will still share my results with you- because they are still fantastically amazing! I really believe that staying up with the amount of water required is the key to flush all of the toxins out. Water-water-water. I know it is working because normally I do not have a body odor and today I am quite not-so-fresh smelling even after a shower. Great, I say – get that sh!t out of me! The Isagenix is working.

Isagenix Results

Now, I am not supposed to do measurements until after my 9th day, but for the interest of well your interest, I took them anyways. 10 minutes ago, in the middle of the day not in the morning. If you want to try it with me, I’d love you to! I will let you know how my end results are in a few days and will touch back with you in two weeks to tell you if I rebound.

Weight Loss Results

Measurements Weight Upper Arm (L) Upper Arm (R) Chest Diaphragm Waist Abdomen Calf Upper Knee
Start 152.8 12.5 12 36 33 31.5 37 14.5 15
Day 3 148.6 11.75 11.50 35.5 32 30 35.5 14 14.5
Day 8 147.2 11.75 11.50 34 32 29.5 35 14 14