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So, I am not the most eco-friendly and green person on the planet. I do not live and breathe it as much as I probably should, but I try. I have found that when you do even the smallest thing in the green direction, it makes a difference. Instead of thinking of reasons why you cannot go green, think of reasons you should. Does your city provide free recycling services? Or is there a recycling center nearby? Do you have a garden? Making your own compost is eco friendly and it is a great way to get out of taking out the garbage! What about trading in that bottled water for a filter on your faucet? I could keep going, but I am sure you get the idea. If you know how, it is easy being green when done right! I love to use reusable products and I found the best sandwich bags from a company that specializes in gorgeous products for the little ones. At The Pat-a-Cake Baby, you can find the most amazing accessories for kids from infant to their big brother or sister.
It Is Easy Being Green W

It Is Easy Being Green

From the moment I saw all of the amazingly adorable products from The Pat-a-Cake Baby, I fell in love. You can find burp cloths that are made from the finest cotton that had padding where you need it; over the shoulder where most of the spit up usually gravitates to. For a baby shower, the mom to be would love an appliqued layette piece or soft and comfy luxe stroller blankets. Granted, my kids are older so they cannot use a bib or burp cloth, but what they can use are the awesome reusable sandwich bags I discovered from The Pat-a-Cake Baby. Jamie McGinnis-Green, founder of this fantastic store, was a work at home mom looking for excellent baby products that were just as well made. She created their flagship product, the Diaper Diddie, which is a wipe caddy as well as a changing mat, and is now a best seller. Jamie uses local talent to help with the sewing and are then double checked before the products are sent to the customer. Now Jamie is selling her products world wide and they are doubling their business each and every month.

I must tell you the reason I was looking for reusable sandwich bags in the first place. I pack Caitlin’s lunch everyday and instead of plastic bags, I use reusable bags I bought online. Well, about 2 weeks after we bought the reusable bags, they started to fall apart. Literally, they were coming apart at the seams and I was furious. So, Jamie sent me 4 sandwich bags as well as a large wet/dry bag, all of which reemphasized it is easy being green! I wish my words could convey how incredibly made these products are. The fabric is top notch, the stitching is nice and tight and the seams are heat sealed and they can be machine washed and hung to dry. I am going to be honest; Caitlin was very embarrassed to carry the other sandwich bags I had bought and did not even want to pack her lunch. When I showed her the bags from The Pat-a-Cake Baby, her mouth literally hung open and then she had the biggest grin on her face! With its waterproof lining, the wet/dry bag is the perfect accessory to take to the beach, pool or wherever you may need to keep wet items away from dry items. Caitlin went to church camp a few week ends ago and took the wet/dry bag with her. They had a tug of war contest and she landed in the mud. She took her shorts and tank and zipped them into the bag. So clever and all the other kids thought it was very cool. I could not be happier about my products from The Pat-a-Cake Baby and have been telling all of my friends about them.

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  1. i think the Dusty Dandelion Luxe Crib Blanket is the cutest blanket they have 🙂 i love the pattern.

  2. I would love ANYTHING in that beautiful owl print, especially a reusable sandwich bag!

  3. I like the Candy Damask Burp Cloth Set. Thanks!
    – Beth Ann Erwin facebook/rafflecopter

  4. I love the Chevron Printed Swaddle Wraps. What a great idea and I am so in love with chevron this season.

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