Probably one of the worst things that can happen to an electronic gadget user is to lose electricity and not have any way power up the devices. Whether there is a power outage or a natural disaster that causes a prolonged power outage you never want to be without a device to contact the “outside” world. Now, I have not personally been affected with a power outage where I still had service to my devices, but I have ran out of juice when I am working. At conferences, such as CES, everyone is fighting for the same WiFi and you end up losing your battery pretty quickly. Even with turning off the WiFi and Bluetooth, I still ran out of battery half way through the day. There is a great power solution from iWalk, a manufacturer of Apple and smartphone accessories. They recently released their Extreme line of battery chargers that are available for all electronic devices. It was extremely easy for me to use. All I had to do was plug in the device to my computer overnight. Then, the next day I put it in my backpack. At the halfway point during the day, when I sat down for lunch, I simply connected my phone. By the end of lunch I had a full charge to continue my day.

Universal Backup Battery Charger

Their flagship model, the Extreme 15000, weighs less than a pound and features an automatic voltage selector. The iWalk Universal Backup Battery Charger Extreme series helps to eliminate any battery concerns even for the power user. The Extreme series will also help to prevent you from being powerless throughout other situations, such as prolonged power outages, hurricanes, extended camping, hiking tips, and more.

The iWalk Extreme Series consists of 9 different models.  Each model offers different power ranges to fit different needs and lifestyles. All models come with a LED battery charge and discharge level indicator, as well as a micro USB and Apple Certified cable. Also, they have designed this series with you the consumer in mind.  All of the chargers in this line are small enough to fit in your pocket.

Some of the Extreme models are available in multiple colors, which is fun for those who like variety. There is an Extreme model called the 8200 Duo that gives you the ability to charge two devices at the same time. This is a very convenient solution.

iWalk is a line of products owned by Malsha, LLC. The iWalk line of smartphone power solutions and accessories was just introduced last year at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It is rapidly growing brand extending across the wireless and cellular mobile markets.

All Extreme Series backup batteries come with a one-year warranty and can be found at iWalk, select Sprint stores and select retailers nationwide.