With the sometimes unpredictable days of summer coming on fast, it’s time to think about what’s in your closet. What can be worn for another season and still be fashionable? Especially if you have a hot date from a flirt dating site, you want to look your best.

Thankfully, good old American blue jeans never go out of style, and with the new trends in jeans, you’re going to love the new fashion twists of 2017 on our beloved standbys.

  1. Convertible Jorts – An Every-Kind-of-Weather Standby

Starting the morning standing in front of your open closet’s door and trying to decide what to wear that is fashionable, comfortable, and especially practical if the weather should suddenly change is always a bit of a balancing act. You’ve already consulted with your intelligent personal assistant, Siri, as to what the day’s weather will be. However, as we all know, a quick heatwave or cold front can ruin any barbeque date and leave you embarrassingly overheated and overdressed or risking catching cold due to being underdressed for the occasion.

To this problem, there is a new solution in fashionable jean wear called Convertible Jorts. Jorts are simply put both jean pants as well as jean shorts. These comfortable and fashionable classic jeans have removable pant legs and are a must have for this summer season. If the weather gets too hot, simply remove the pant legs and proudly show off your own sexy legs.

Pair it With?

Wear Jorts with a cool tank top under a fashionable button-down flannel shirt, along with your favorite high heels – which always look sexy with long or short Jeans.

  1. Never Forget Skinny Jeans

Another hot trend for the 2017 summer is straight legged, white, Skinny Jeans made of Dover Stretch Denim. They’re 98% Cotton and 2% Elastane – perfect for easy, comfortable movement and a snug-fit look.

Pair it With?

Match them with a smooth satin tank of any color and a pair of smashing high heels, and you’re sure to meet the hot trends for this summer. Off to work? Simply add a smart-looking form-fitting blazer to add structure to your overall look and you’ll be sure to impress the boss or run the office. For after-work drinks, simply trade out your blazer for a short-waisted, black leather jacket that will keep you warm and looking sharp.

  1. Make Sure You Have the Right Hem

For this summer, it’s all about cuts, frills, and fancy hems. Get the finishing touches on your jeans with a classic no-hemmed leg look. This fringed hem is all the rage for your skinny jeans, with a bit of fringe hanging down like a kind of skirt to emphasize additional height and focus on your outstanding heels, an amazing ankle bracelet, or sweet little tattoo.

  1. Go for Patches

In addition, well-fitting jeans with embroider quilted patches along the sides of the legs or hip pockets is a hot new trend. Embroidered designs sewn directly into the denim is also quite fashionable, especially when coupled with high-rise Skinny Jeans. Fancy and colorful embroidery designs sewn just along the hemline of your jeans are really popular.

  1. Accessorize Your Jeans

Want something a little more classy? A simple cuffed hem with plaid fabric, a ribbon, or lace along the hemmed bottom is totally in. Similarly, for this spring, go with cropped flare-legged denims. These are the perfect jeans to show of your stunning shoes and sexy ankles.

Hems are the biggest thing for denim fashion this year. Whether you prefer skinny, loose fitting, or baggy jeans, it’s all about the hems. Even your old jeans can get into the act this year, because hemlines don’t have to be straight or perfectly hemmed.

  1. You Can Even Recycle Old Jeans!

Do your favorite pair of heels seem too high for last year’s jeans? Don’t worry about it. Simply give your old jeans a makeover with a new jagged-edged hem. No need to be concerned with perfect measuring, as the new trend is truly to have one pant leg just a bit shorter than the other. And don’t fret over those loose threads as that’s all part of the charming edge in denim.

Pair it With?

This year’s denim look is all about free-flowing styles and taking them to the next hot level. Mix up your look with contrasting colorful leggings, showing off just under the hemline or peeking through those classic split knee or hip gaps. Top off your look with a sexy off the shoulder T-shirt, loosely tucked at the waist, and you’ll be most comfortably and best dressed for any occasion.

Luckily it seems that jeans will never go out of style. Comfy and convertible, you don’t have to break the bank trying to keep up with the trends – so just use your favored jeans to show off and flatter your favorite pair of sexy high heels.