What does Jessica Alba have in common with a blue alien from across the galaxy? Like you can imagine not much. As we chatted with her today she shared that she couldn’t be further from her character Lena in the upcoming movie Escape From Planet Earth, out February 15th. But sometimes, playing someone so different from yourself is half the fun!

Lena is the head of BASA, the Baabian Aeronautics and Space Administration. As BASA has its hands full taking care of problems across the galaxy, Lena is continuously stressed out, busy, and up to her neck in problems. But she is currently working on a very secret project – one which will change Baab, and everyone on it.

Jessica Alba Interview

Clearly she doesn’t have much in common with her. Aside from different planets and clearly different careers, Jessica doesn’t have the same personality as Lena either. She also isn’t into online dating – which is probably a good thing she since is married with two adorable kids. 🙂

Like most conversations between moms do, the subject of children was brought up and Jessica had no problems sharing some great insights from a working parents perspective down to her kids favorite books and even what her oldest child, Honor, thought about the movie.

We were able to ask Jessica how being a mom has influenced her acting experiences and she shared that she is much much more conscious of the time commitments she makes to her jobs. While she isn’t opposed to traveling with her tots – and often does to Texas and New York – she wouldn’t be willing to take them to more remote locations where they couldn’t be comfortable. She would also probably turn down jobs requiring long commitments away.

When asked what advice she had for other working parents she had some great tips but one in particular is universal for all parents. As a work at home mom it really resonated with me as well. Jessica says that quality of time is more important with quantity of time. When she is with her children her phone is off and distractions are kept to a minimum. The time you spend with your kids should be with your kids. You should be in the moment, doing what they like to do and focusing on growing them as a person.

One of their favorite ways to spend time together is books. Her oldest doesn’t like to read the same books repeatedly so there were many favorites to choose from like (my personal favorite) The Very Hungry Caterpillar but also Berenstein Bears, Barbar and anything Disney Princess or Fairies. Her youngest loves anything with animals and animal sounds. These books ended up being great prep work for the movie since Jessica often reads each character in voices – something not always appreciated by her eldest. I can identify since my daughter is the same way!

Speaking of discriminate toddlers, her daughter really enjoyed the movie Escape from Planet Earth. She kept her glasses on the whole time and it was even able to contain her attention. No easy feat since Jessica says she usually can’t sit through a whole movie. Jessica credit the great narrative for this. It’s easy for kids to wrap their minds around what is happening in the movie.

Jessica Alba Interview

So take if from Honor and Jessica –  go see Escape from Planet Earth in theaters February 15th!