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Getting The Perfect Bra With #JOCKEYbra

Now that you have figured out your bra size in my last post, Find The Perfect Size With The #JOCKEYbra Fit Kit, you know more about the Jockey Bra and how you can get the perfect fit. Jockey has created a new bra collection with 5 different  bra styles so you can find the perfect style made to fit you. You can wear any of the styles with a guarantee the bra will fit perfectly. This is because of the Jockey bra fit kit described in my previous post. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for a full coverage bra, a smaller bra, one made for a full figure, or even a soft cup bra, Jockey has the style for you. Jockey describes a number of revolutionary enhancement they have made to ensure ultimate comfort and long-lasting quality like the patented 3-D contour technology which will give you support without an underwire. Some of their styles use an inner sling support. The bra straps are created to stay put with the larger cup sizes having a padded bra strap for extra comfortability. You also have a choice of lightly lined bra cups or double lined soft cups.

I chose the double lined contoured bra in black. The Jockey bra arrived in a slender blue box just a few short days after ordering. I loved the way the straps were put together. The little Xs holding the two parts of the bra strap together are very pretty. You can feel the inner part of the bra cup where the 3D technology is holding the cup out instead of smashing your breast against your chest. The fit was very comfortable with no gaping or tightness. I would definitely purchase another Jockey bra.

By publishing this post, I received free products as part of a promotional program with MomSelect; as always my thoughts remain all mine!

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