Mommy Karina

Jakobi just started Kindergarten this year, which I am sure many of my regular readers have heard me tell you over and over. I am a proud momma! Isn’t that funny I am so proud of an act every child accomplishes? He is pretty proud too, so I suppose it is catching. What comes along with Kindergarten is having to get ready for school in the morning by a certain time. Gone are the days of leisurely getting ready for daycare. Now we have to be prompt and presentable. Because I am trying to get two little ones dressed and out the door, sometimes I do not have enough time to get ready myself. Normally, I would just take Jakobi and Mason to school in my pajamas if this happened, but we were going in his school and I did not want to embarrass him. Thank goodness for my Karina Dress! The Adele style is one of my favorite. It is flattering to my figure, hides all my arm fat, and covers my tattoos all while still having a fun style! I can grab it out of a pile, and it won’t have a wrinkle in it. It is just as easy to throw on as pajamas, and I look put together instead of like a stay-at-home mom!

Vavoa Karina Dress (1)

I was volunteering in his class, but to make the occasion even more special his Vavoa came as well! (Vavoa is Grandma in Portuguese). Guess what Vavoa is wearing? Yup! A Karina Dress! Noah (my husband) had told his mom about how much I loved Karina Dresses, and now she is hooked too!

Vavoa Karina Dress

Don’t you think she looks fabulous? Jakobi thinks we were beautiful! If you would like to see how you would look in a Karina Dress, join their newsletter for special sales and exclusive deals (sometimes over 1/2 off) just for their loyal subscribers!

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  1. You both look great! I love the variety of styles and colors they offer. Plus very good “fit” information to flatter everyone’s figure.

  2. You both look BEAUTIFUL in your dresses! I love your MIL purple color especially!
    Wow.. Karina has such great stuff!

  3. The Adele Style is stunning in it’s simplicity.I love the colors and the pattern and how really beautiful it is on you.Both of you look lovely in Karina dresses.

  4. I love the dresses both of you are wearing! I especially love the 3/4 sleeve… perfect for the slightly chilly days when I still want to wear a cute dress without a jacket!

  5. Jakobi’s Vavoa is beautiful in her Karina dress. I am a Vavoa myself to 3 precious young girls and I want to look my best when I attend their school events. Yes, I love wearing dresses. I want to own at least a couple Karina dresses for travel or occasions that come up.

  6. Wow, I like the Adele dress on you and Jakobi’s Vavoa looks pretty fantastic too. I’m guessing she’s wearing the Megan. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love the pattern. One of the best things about dresses is the lack of matching a top and bottom…grab, pull it on and go. These sound even better than some of my favorites as you don’t need to worry about wrinkling!

  8. How awesome to have something that quick and easy to put on, with little ones some days just getting a shower can be a challenge!

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