Keep Kids Busy With Fun Outdoor Activities

I know I am going to sound like my grandmother, but how did my siblings and I ever amuse ourselves? When I was growing  up in Ohio, we had a pretty typical childhood. We got up, ate cereal, rode bikes all day and came home when it was time for dinner. We had a tire swing in the back yard and we were only allowed to watch television if my dad was not already watching sports. That is about all we had to keep us busy. When my kids tell me how bored they are and that there is nothing to do, I just laugh (albeit a bit of a  maniacal laugh). I mean, are they seriously whining because they are not clever enough to find something fun to do. I guess they do have it pretty tough compared to most kids. I mean, we only have an Xbox, PlayStation, Wii,2 Nintendo 3 DS and a gazillion games for them,  2 laptops, one tablet, 4 televisions, a million board games, a trampoline and a garden hose. I know, right?! Well, since my poor bored children are in need of something else to occupy them, I agreed they could get something that was in the category of fun outdoor activities. Lucky for me, Brand 44 has some pretty cool things for the kids to play with outside.

Keep Kids Busy With Fun Outdoor Activities

I must admit that I had no idea what a slackline was when I was asked if I was interested in trying one out. Of course, the kids did as they screamed and jumped around the living room when I told them we were getting one! If you are not familiar, a slackline is a bit like a tightrope from the circus except wider and lower to the ground. We were sent the 50′ Slackers Slackline which comes with the slackline to balance on as well as the “teaching line” or guide. It only took about 15 minutes for my husband and Caitlin to set it up and the kids were ready to go.  If you want to kee kids busy with fun outdoor activities, this is perfect for you!

The slackline and the teaching line are both made of the finest quality webbing. The ratchet is incredibly strong and I promise you, it is not going to break on you. The slackline is 2″ wide and the teaching line is 1″ wide, which are perfect for balancing. This is strong enough for mom and dad to play on as well as the kids, so the whole family gets to enjoy it. The kids have just loved their slackline as do our neighbors kids who are now over at our house all the time! The Brand 44 company got its start in 2011 by Edward O’Brien, who wanted to create a backyard adventure for his family. The company is a distributor of licensed Boy Scouts of America products and have recently acquired the Geomate Jr., which is used for geocaching.  In their commitment to keeping the western forests filled with healthy trees, Brand 44 has committed to planting 10,000 trees each year.  You can purchase the Brand 44 products from their website, including the Slackers slackline which retails for $79.99.

One USA reader will win one 50′ Slackers Slackline kit ($79.99)


  1. I saw someone using the slackline the other day and loved the concept. I have teen and little grandkids and I think this would be something they could all use!

  2. I love the Slackline and the Zipline kits. My kids would have a blast with these. What a cool company! hstorm799{at}gmail{dot}com

  3. The slacklining kit looks like the most fun to me. I’ve been looking for one of these for a long time. Now to find the perfect set of trees…..

  4. Oh no – my father would flip for the Geomate 5″ Gnome Cache Container

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  5. I like the Geomate Log Cache Large – 10″ Real Log made from recycled Colorado Pine Pinemy boys would love a secret hiding place for their things.

  6. Hello. I hope this note finds you well. After visiting the site, I have chosen; The easy-to-use, FUN and affordable Geocaching GPS. I think that would be really fun. Thanks. Vicki.

  7. my oldest son would got crazy for the geomate he loves geocaching with his dad he would love having his own gps for sure

  8. Well I like this slackline, for our yard. It is feasible! We have several huge trees. And oh yes the kids would love it. I would too, I hate when they stay inside. We do everything to get them outside. I hope I win

  9. I’d love to have the kit to play with in the backyard. LOL. Seems like it would be fun for BBQ’s.

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