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Keep Makeup in Place With Base Makeup From Manna Cosmetics Review

Keep Makeup in Place With Base Makeup

In the olden days when I was a member of the work force, I looked for cosmetics that would keep makeup in place.  Now that I am homeschooling TheHenMan, I don’t often find the occasion to wear makeup anymore.  I take TheHenMan out for “field trips” as we found he learns better when we get creative. We learn math at the grocery store, nature at the park and history by visiting local historical landmarks.  With me slowly making my way back into society,  I had to blow off the dust on my makeup bag and make myself looking presentable.  It was embarrassing to see how dried up and unusable my makeup had gotten.

Recently I was introduced to a new cosmetic line that offers makeup for all skin types. Manna cosmetics is a company started by beauty expert Manna Kadar-Pruin.  As Manna has worked with cosmetic since she was a teen, it would only stand to reason her products would be phenomenal.  Manna knew she wanted to make “Beauty Simplified” for all women regardless of their skin type or color.  I have a friend who has an ethnic background and she said she has always purchased makeup made “specifically” for her skin color.  Why in the world should women need to buy specialized makeup?  That is just dumb!

Keep Makeup Looking Fresh All Day

I had the good luck to review a product that would keep makeup looking fresh all day.  Manna has developed a line of products that give you quality without sacrificing your makeup allowance in one trip!  Manna has created cosmetics for all skin types which are easy to put on and look great on your skin.  The product I reviewed was the Camera Ready makeup base (valued at $42) . Camera Ready was designed to keep your makeup on until you are ready to take it off.  Who wants to spend their time freshening their makeup throughout the day?  Not me!  Camera Ready made my semi-blotchy skin look smooth and stayed in place all day.  This product is not just for keeping your foundation in place but also your eyeshadow, lipstick and blush.  Because you are applying a product that keeps your makeup on all day, you are using a fraction of the makeup you are using when you touch up several times a day.  Manna is onto something revolutionary and had made a product that is a must have for any woman.

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