lanternI live in Minnesota, where the bugs in the summertime are terrible!  I’ve tried all sorts of solutions to keep the mosquitoes and other bugs away, but most things don’t work very well.  The worst is when you’re having an outdoor gathering or event and you have to pass the bug spray around to everyone there.  The good thing is that I think I’ve finally found a product that actually works and looks good while doing it!

ThermaCELL makes two different portable, butane-operated, area mosquito repellant lanterns that are 99% effective in replelling mosquitoes and other pesky bugs!  These lanterns are so cool.  They’re attractive looking, so they don’t take away from the decor of an outdoor party, they repel bugs in a 15’x15′ area per lamp (and they really do, I’m not just listing off stats), they’re DEET free, portable, and double as ambient lighting!

I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first.  Like I said, I’ve tried many different forms of bug repellent, and many of them don’t work very well, but ThermaCELL lanterns worked great!  I think the best part was that I could just pick it up and take it with me.  It would be great for up at a cabin where you could take it from cabin to bonfire to dock with no problems.  Plus, I didn’t have to wear smelly, sticky, gross bug spray on me either.  I HATE bug spray, but it’s usually a necessity on a night outdoors.  With the ThermaCELL lanterns, it really isn’t!  Plus, there’s no open flames or hot wax, so they’re safe to use, even in a tent or out on the boat.

With prices ranging from just $22.99 to $31.99, I feel they’re a great value for the money.  Not only will you be able to protect yourself, your guests, and you loved ones from the pesky and annoying summer bugs, you have a portable lantern that can be used for safety or mood lighting.  It’s a great deal and an exceptional product!