Keep Track Of Exercise Activity

Keep Track Of Exercise Activity

When trying to get fit, it is important to keep track of exercise activity to know how it is working.  One of my biggest struggles in trying to lose weight is the exercise or the lack thereof in this case!  I just don’t really like to exercise and if you saw me, you would see that to be true.  I actually don’t mind walking, it is just a matter of me getting off my big ole’ butt and start moving!  When I was trying to lose weight before I hurt my back, I was up to walking 5-8 miles a day and I had started to enjoy it.  After my injury, I had difficulty getting out of bed let alone walking for any distance.  My back is getting better and I feel like I can get moving, which is welcome after being on bed rest off and on for almost 2 years!!

I wanted to find a company that offered a tool that I could track my exercise progress.  LifeSpan Fitness is a company whose focus and dedication is improve the health and wellness of their customers.  LifeSpan offers a range of products from top notch quality treadmills, elliptical machines, scales, and even blood pressure monitors.  LifeSpan has partnered with top organizations like the American Diabetes Assoc. and the American College of Sports Medicine.  In the 10 years they have been in business, LifeSpan has won multiple awards for their quality equipment and their commitment to keeping you healthy is their top priority.  I love the unique program they have developed that is designed to help you track your fitness activity on several levels.  The LifeSpan Fitness Club is an online health and fitness program to help you get healthy and stay that way.  To learn more about LifeSpan you can visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.
Record Your Fitness Progress

Record Your Fitness Progress

Since joining the Nutrisystem family, I have wanted to find a program that would record your fitness progress.  I wanted something that was more than a pedometer to show the number of steps I took during the day.  I was really excited to review the LifeSpan MyStride Activity Tracker USB Pedometer ($49.99), is like nothing I have heard of or seen.  This innovative and creative tool is everything you need to help you meet your fitness goals, whatever they are and whatever the level. This tiny miracle tracks your steps, calories burned, minutes exercised and the distance you have traveled for the day.  I cannot say enough about how vital this tool is in your weight loss/fitness journey.  What I love the most about this device is it can tell me how effective my exercise DVD’s have been.  With the extreme heat we have seen, I decided to buy a walking DVD and try it out.  The problem with that is it tells you when you have walked 1, 2 or 3 miles, but you have no idea how many calories you have burned, which is something I want to know.  The cool thing about this program is that not only can you track all this information, but you can download it into your LifeSpan Fitness Club account which is free with the purchase of the MyStride Activity Tracker.  The Fitness Club helps you set goals, track your progress, and even build a workout calendar.  All this information is saved in the USB on your Activity Tracker, so all you do is plug in the device to your computer, go to your Fitness Club account and download your information.  How cool is that?!  It is so easy to use and for the first time, I can see how effective my exercise had been for a period of time and I can see if I need to make changes with my routine.  I am sold on this program and I can’t wait to buy a new treadmill from LifeSpan Fitness!!

One winner will receive their own LifeSpan MyStride activity tracker and free LifeSpan Fitness Club account, valued at $49.00

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  2. My favorite is the S4 Indoor Bike. And I really need an indoor exercise bike to go with the rest of my exercise equipment.

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