Keep Your Wine Chilled

Keep Your Wine Chilled

When you are entertaining do you find it difficult to keep your wine chilled?  Are you planning a get together for your Dad for Father’s Day?  If several party goers at your gathering are wine drinkers, it will be a pain in the neck to go back and forth to the fridge for your chilled wine.  If your gathering is outside, you are never going to keep your wine cooled off, especially if the ice bucket has become a water bucket!  If you have the money and space, you can buy a wine chiller but you will still be running back and forth to that.  If you use the single bottle wine chiller, they are less expensive and are smaller, but they will not keep your wine chilled for very long.  If you are enjoying wine with your meal, as the wine sits on the table it gets warmer but it also changes the flavor profile.  If you are a wine enthusiast, you may know about the effect temperature has on wine.  If a wine is too cold, it can mask the flavors and if it is too warm, you may get an overpowering flavor of the alcohol, making it bitter.  In order to receive the full benefit of the flavor of the wine, the temperature needs to be at a consistent temperature.  There just doesn’t seem to be a good solution to this problem.

As part of our Father’s Day event, I would like to introduce one of the coolest products around. The Corkcicle is a fantastic new product that will eliminate the need for ice buckets, wine chillers or running back and forth to the refrigerator.  The Corkcicle is made from BPA free plastic with a non-toxic freeze gel inside, so it is completely safe and is remarkably easy to use.   The Corkcicle will keep your wine chilled from the inside out, keeping the temperature just right.

Chill Wine At An Even Temperature

Have you had bad luck trying to chill wine at an even temperature?  I did too until I was given the Corkcicle ($22.95) to review.  Let me start by saying how cleverly designed the Corkcicle is.  It is made of plastic but it looks exactly like a big fat icicle!  At the bigger end of the Corkcicle is a cork top, so when you place the Corkcicle inside the bottle, the cork seals the bottle, keeping it fresh.  I rinsed the Corkcicle and then put it in the freezer.  In about 2 hours, I took the Corkcicle out, poured a small taste glass of the wine and slid the Corkcicle into the wine bottle.  It is so dang cool!  I had my daughter visiting that weekend and she thought it was the coolest thing she had ever seen.  At one point or another that night, everyone who came for dinner took the Corkcicle out to look at it.  I was really surprised at how well it worked.  Such a simple thing that makes such a big difference!  If your Dad is a wine enthusiast and you are looking for a great Father’s Day gift, the Corkcicle would make a great present.

One reader will win a Corkcicle ($22.95) in upcoming the Father’s Day Event.

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