My husband and I used to have two cell phone services. When we met we were on separate plans, and we really would not have saved enough money, were too stubborn to switch, or too lazy to go back to it and recheck when the time came around again. However, when my husband lost his job as an engineer and had to find alternate work, we had to trim costs. Of course we all want to look at our cell phone plan first. They usually cost a good chunk of change.

I noticed that a local company had an all you could use data/phone plan for $50 a month. This was a really good deal and seemed really tempting to switch. I shopped around a few more places and settled between the local company and my current company at the time (Verizon). In the meantime, my husband had secured another job and was going to begin over-the-road long-distance trucking. He would be gone about six weeks at a time. This changed everything, because now I had to go look at coverage. Previously, when I looked at the local company, coverage was not even a factor. I knew as a house wife with two kids, I wasn’t going anywhere especially with the drastic drop in our family’s income. Now that he was going to be traipsing from all the way from Southwest Florida to the absolute other end of the continent in Washington, I wanted to be able to get in touch with him.


It was already maddening enough experiencing dropped calls local from his cell phone service, I was not wanting to do that across state when he was driving a big rig. I would worry constantly if I could not get a hold of him. So I looked at the coverage maps. Actually poured over them. No matter what the companies say, if you look at each city, Verizon has the best overage States-wide hands down.

Then I started looking at the phones offered. I had two kids that would not see their Daddy for weeks. Do you know how long that is to a two-year-old? Forever! Every time he would leave, I had two crying kids wondering if their Daddy was coming home. we knew we needed 4G with phones that had a front and back camera so they could video chat. Sigh, now I had to look at the 4G coverage. That was almost laughable. No one even came close to Verizon on that point.


Now a year later, with a Verizon family plan, a husband who is now home and two happy kids; we are extremely pleased with our service. Not one dropped call and Verizon helped my family stay in touch for that year with miles of road between us. I am thankful to Verizon because there were so many times when the kids were not understanding where Daddy was, and all I had to do was video chat him and they would calm down. Do you know how much having two hysterical kids calm down is worth? How much is a piece of mind worth? I will tell you. It is worth my lifelong loyalty and support. So much so that when I found out there was an Ambassador program, I went and hunted them down. I had praises to sing! I stalked them on Twitter and followed Verizon from CES to BlogHer. When I put my disclaimer at the bottom of this page it is merely a formality because I have and will continue to be a Verizon Ambassador long after my time with the program is through.

By the way, Verizon covers even more area than then. I can hotspot faster than many internet connections I use when I travel, and way faster than at my mom’s house. All of the pictures featured here were sent to me from one Verizon device to another!

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I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.


  1. We skype, phone and have facebook, they are in Europe so visiting every year is impossible it’s nice my immediate family all lives with in 45 min of each other.

  2. Actually I mostly keep in touch with cards for those who dont use computers and ecards. But I do text as well and I also have been a Verizon Wireless customer like forever. Thnx! E

  3. I love technology that lets us keep in touch with family and friends who live to far to see every day, Verizon is one awesome phone where coverage is everywhere

  4. Emails to my daughter’s office, a phone call from her on her drive home in the afternoon, and texts… wonderful to not have to pay old-fashioned long distance charges, or write letters that take days to arrive!!!!

  5. We use Skype, Facebook, and cellular phones, (Verizon Wireless, in our case), to keep in touch. Our family lives in North Carolina, and we are Stationed in Texas, making it a bit difficult to visit often. I got my husband to switch from AT&T when we got married because Verizon offers better coverage and is of better quality, in my opinion. 🙂

  6. I just moved and had to end my verizon use as my new home is not served by them. I am sad. We contact our relatives by phone and e-mail since they live in NY.

  7. Verizon no longer offers landline service in our area, so I don’t even know if they offer wireless here. I keep in touch with far-flung family using skype.

  8. I used Verizon in the past. It was always good for me. Now I’m with a different carrier but it’s great to hear good things about Verizon!

  9. I too am a LONG time Verizon user. I think my first phone was back in the early 1990s when I was working for an electrical export company and my kids were very young (6&2 or so). My son is on his own (fireman in Virginia) and he is a Verizon user too. My Jenn is a college student on my plan but she said she’d never leave either. We could be an unofficial Ambassador for the last … 20 years!

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