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Keeping Up With Overseas Family

Not only do I have family scattered here and there across the U.S., but I also have a favorite Great Aunt who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We have a pact that we will make a point to visit her in person at least once every 5 years as a family. In between, she tries to make at least one trip to visit us here in the states and we send each other cards and gifts for most major holidays. Of course, this is quite an undertaking for us all, but well worth it in the end. Staying in touch with my overseas family is important to me as an individual, but it is even more important to me as a mom. My kids have a finite number of family members and my hope is that they are able to grow up with fond memories of each and every one.

Setting aside the time and money for these family trips are two of the biggest challenges we have to overcome, but we refuse to let either one stop us. I am chief financial manager in my household and as such, managing the money and all the decisions that entails falls squarely upon my shoulders. Long term planning, keeping spreadsheets current, and streamlining for efficiency are the top three habits that allow me to successfully keep up when there are many things vying for my attention all at once.

One of the online tools that I use to help streamline gift giving is Xoom, a service provided by Paypal. It offers a fast alternative to traditional cash-based system of sending money abroad and provides a popular mobile app that supports the majority of available transactions to overseas family. I used to spend time running around buying a present, making sure it was packaged properly to survive overseas shipping and handling, and trying to time everything where the recipient would receive it on or before the holiday or special occasion. Now, with the advent of the Paypal Digital Gifts Store, with a few clicks, she can pick out exactly what she likes best and all the hassle is removed from the experience. If you are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for someone special, check out the special deals from merchants like Macy’s and Kiehls at Paypal.

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