nanotex jakobiWe all remember the first day back to school. It’s a chance to start over again, reinvent yourself and start over. It’s a very exciting day and most kids want look good when they go back.That means back to school clothes shopping, because we all know that they have grown out of their clothes from last year. Then there is of course the problem of how hard kids are on their clothes, which can easily lead to mid year school clothes shopping. Here are a few things you can do to help their clothes last longer, which goes a long way in keeping your kids looking sharp all school year long and ease the pain in your pocket book.

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 How Can You Get Those School Clothes To Last Longer?

[quote align=’right’]C’mon! Not In Your School Clothes![/quote]

  • Designate School Clothes Only: I know there are a few out there who are saying, are you crazy? That creates twice as much laundry! This may be occasionally true, but in the long run there nice school clothes will last longer and they can go and trash they play clothes, because they’re play clothes.
  • Wash Them Properly: There are some people out there, myself included, who have issues following instructions. Especially when it comes to laundry.  but the manufacturer knows how their clothes will last the longest. Hence the instructions. If you follow them along with the unspoken laundry guidelines they will last a whole lot longer. nanotex adjustable
  • Don’t Buy Cheap Clothes: I’m sure most of you are familiar with the adage “You get what you pay for.” Of course you know that goes with clothes as well. So don’t buy cheap clothes if you want them to last. Gymboree has introduced a new line of kids clothing to withstand the daily rigors of school life with hurting the pocket book. It is the little things that count such as the adjustable waistband to allow the clothes to grow as your child does.

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[quote align=’left’]Nanotex clothing is available at more than 100 leading brands including Target, GAP, Gymboree, Land’s End, Kohl’s, JC Penney’s and more. Nanotex® uses nanotechnology to transform the molecular structure of fibers, creating fabrics with remarkable performance and comfort. It offers stain, soil  and odor resistance, while preserving the natural breathability, comfort, hand and durability of apparel textiles.[/quote]The new Play Proof Nanotex line of clothing from Gymboree is designed to stand up to the daily abuse of your kids as well as the abuse that is dished out by the old washing machine. Using nano-technology to change the molecular structure of the fabrics, they have created fabrics that are remarkably tough and comfortable that resists soiling, staining and odors as well. What does this mean you ask? Well in my eyes it means they can go a couple of rounds with the champ before they need a refresher.

These amazingly resilient clothes come in just about every style you can think of and are available at a most major retailers where Gymboree is sold, and for prices that will make your wallet actually smile. So stop wasting your time and money on inferior clothing for your kids. You already know what they are capable of, so start fighting back by buying clothes that will have your back and still look great at the end of the school year.
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