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My teenage son sleeps on a king bed and during the middle of the night my two boys go in there along with the dog and the cat. When they all wake up in the morning, the fitted sheet stays put and keeps my son from having to remake the whole bed every single morning – so he really appreciates it. BrylaneHome has designed a product that is an easy solution to keeping your sheets on the bed.  The Sleep TiTe Sheet Set is an innovative product designed for fit as well as convenience. The Sleep TiTe Sheet Set does not shift or move while you sleep, which means you are going to have a better night’s sleep. The Sleep TiTe Sheet Set includes the cleverly inventive  fitted sheet, one top sheet and two king size pillow cases, which comes in 5 colors: Sage, Ivory, Light Blue, Chocolate, and Mauve. The fitted sheet is seamless and is made to fit a 20″ mattress as well in all of the four corners as it does on the four sides. The 100% cotton 300 thread count sheets can be put in the washing machine and dryer and will come out feeling as soft as they did the first time. The high quality construction of the set means you will be able to enjoy the set for many years to come.

Fullscreen capture 362013 74217 AMBrylaneHome has been a trusted name in the home decor industry since 1998 and is known as “America’s White Sale Catalog” due to their affordable prices. What started as a bedding only business, soon turned to selling products for other areas of the home. BrylaneHome prides themselves on keeping up with the latest styles and design trends for their customers. When it comes to home decor, BrylaneHome is a fantastic place to shop. In addition to the large inventory of bedding, BrylaneHome also sells goods for your bathroom and kitchen. You can find quality small appliances, decorative storage solutions for the home and even outdoor furniture! No matter which room of the house you are shopping for, BrylaneHome can help. You can buy the Sleep TiTe Sheet Set online at BrylaneHome from $49.99 for twin to $89.99 for king.

You can win a set of your choice valued at $119.99 by filling out the GT form below.


  1. Those seem like jersey sheets. I find them too stretchy and they end up loose although they may stay on. I like regular sheets because they are not stretchy so they are much smoother. I found sheets that don’t pop off held on by a drawstring. They stay on and are not stretchy. They stay nice and smooth.

  2. I am always looking for comfortable sheets because I have trouble getting a restfull night.

  3. Spring is here well almost and I am thinking backyard so the Chippendale Planter would be lovely even with out the dancers.

  4. The Panasonic Rice Cooker sounds great to me! Hubby and I always eat lots of rice and I seem to undercook/overcook it everytime. This would be excellent to have! So would the sheets!

  5. I love the Resin Wicker Outdoor Recliner w/Cushion. I’d love to have one of these on my patio. Thank you 🙂

  6. I like the outdoor rocking chair – I can see myself sitting on it and drinking ice tea….I like to dream

  7. I’d re-do my bedroom based on this: Candace Multi-Pieced Oversized Comforter Set & More. It’s so fresh-looking. Great for spring.

  8. The sleep tite sheet set! I had no idea anything like this was available. This would be awesome for my son!

  9. lavender field comforter set– they have a lot of bright, pretty colors, and nice patterns too.

  10. One of my favorite products from BrylaneHome are the Woodlands Rod Pocket Blackout Panels

    Item #: 1585-47001-1049 in Steel

  11. So much great stuff to choose from!! I love the Cuisinart digital food scale because I am on a diet and need to weigh food!

  12. I really like the sage sheet set. They would match perfectly with the rest of my bedding and this would be a great sheet set to have for my bed as we have one of those double pillow top mattresses that is extra thick and sheets tend to either not fit at all or have a tendency to slip off which is annoying to say the least. This sheet set sounds great, love that it’s been designed to stay put and I’d love to have them for our bed! Thank you.

  13. Wow, I honestly never realized they sold so many items! lol. I would love to have a full set of their Outdoor Wood Furniture, that would be Awesome! Thank you, Mary

  14. I love the bright colored stonewear set! I would be perfect for having a get together with friends!

  15. I would like to get the sleep tite Light Blue sheet set. Also the Horizon Watercolor sheet set and cotton jersey knit sheet set.

  16. I like the Wood PupSTEP With Storage and the pup indoor/outdoor bed and the cleaning sets.

  17. Storage – Wardrobes and Drawers – Wardrobe with shoe pockets. Great stuff. Oh…and the sheets! 🙂

  18. BrylaneHome became a favorite source of fine home supplies for my dear Mother like Soft Indulgence Cotton Towels.

  19. my favorite is the sheets… we are constantly fixing the sheets because they move..I had no idea someone had thought of a fix to this problem

  20. I like the Parking Lot For Purses. It would really help get my closet in order and make it easier to find things.

  21. 650-TC Egyptian Cotton Sheet–don’t ask me to pick a color.
    I love a the sheets have subtle striped pattern–matte and slightly shiney color variations.
    So classic, and yet modern.

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