We all know the obvious form of security and entry into a home or business: a lock and key. Traditionally, locks and keys have been used for more years than we even know of, with the first record of a lock and key system dating back 6,000 years ago.

Some would say that it’s about time a new version of the lock and key was introduced: the keyless entry system. But is this system really better than the traditional lock and key? Will we ever see the day when keyless entry systems take over entirely? We’ll be looking at the pros and cons of both systems in this article. 

Pros of a traditional locking systems: 

  • Cheaper costs

Fitting a standard lock designed for a key, and arranging for a locksmith key maker to produce the keys you need, is much cheaper than paying for installation of a keyless entry system. You can find even the most high-security locks and keys at a fairly budget cost. 

  • Endless options

Lock and key entry systems are so popular and widely-used that you will find every stylistic option you could possibly imagine. There’s something to suit all tastes and all buildings. 

  • Simple to install

One of the reasons why it’s cheaper to install a lock and key system is because to a seasoned locksmith, the job is easy and fast. You can have a new lock installed, and new keys produced, in a matter of minutes. 

Cons of traditional locking systems:

  • If someone steals your key, they’re in

If your key falls into the wrong hands, you may have given a burglar the easiest entry into your home or business that they could have hoped for. 

  • If you lose your key, you’re out

It’s always advised that you have an accessible spare key to hand, but if you don’t, and you’ve misplaced your personal key, you may face a long wait before you can access your property. 

Pros of keyless entry systems

  • They’re convenient

Being able to simply input a code or scan your finger or mobile device is a much more convenient way of getting into your home or business. No need to worry about lost keys, because you don’t need a key. 

  • More access control

If someone needs to enter your home or business when you’re not there, you can simply give them the access details to allow them inside. You couldn’t do this if they needed a key for entry.

Cons of keyless entry systems:

  • Expensive to install

Being still quite new and novelty, keyless entry systems are less commonly available and, therefore, more expensive to buy and install. 

  • Reliability is questionable 

Some keyless entry systems operate with batteries, which means when the batteries run out, if you don’t have any spare on your person, you’ll have no means of getting into your property. 

  • Security is still an issue

Keyless entry systems are sometimes considered more secure, but this isn’t always the case. If you don’t change your entry code frequently, it only takes this code being overheard or spoken of to the wrong person for you to risk a security breach.