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Kids Precious Couture Elf Hat Review

Kids Precious Couture Etsy Shop sent me an enchanting knit elf hat in Saint Patrick colors. As I pulled the hat out of the packing envelope, I was full of excitement! The colors of the hat were beautiful shades of green and white. The style and knit were divine and made with superior quality. I felt this was going to be the perfect neutral gender hat for photography. I can’t wait to photograph more than my own daughter!  This knit hat is soft and perfect for the head of any baby no matter the age. The elf hat has a long tail with a tassel end. I love the tail because you can make different styles with it; leave it long, tie up.. fun!

This designer hat made by Kids Precious Couture is perfect whether you are in the market as a photographer, mommy, or great gift buyer. An elf hat like mine will sure to make your little one stylish and keep them warm. Kids Precious Couture not only sells elf hats, but they also sell other charming knit hats, blankets, and wraps in beautiful styles and colors. If you are a photographer or even a mommy with a camera, Kids Precious Couture sells handmade baby photo props such a pouches, cocoons, nests, and slings.

Kids Precious Couture is a sponsor of the Christmas in July Event on July 25-31. Make sure you Like them on Facebook and check out their webiste: Kid’s Precious Couture to win a $35.00 credit towards their store as part of the final package!

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