KidSafe UV Sun Tent Cabana

I work hard at keeping my children’s environment safe. Sometimes I feel I may be a bit overboard but I plan for the worst and hope for the best. KidSafe sells home safety products that help mom’s like me keep children out of harms way. Living in Florida, it’s very important to take precaution from the suns harmful rays. I love being outdoors so I’m always looking for great ways to allow my children to play outside safely. KidSafe sent me their UV Sun Stop’r Kwik Cabana. This “tent” is the perfect place for my children to take a break from the sun when we are at the beach or pool, and has become a necessity for Spring Break beach trips or Summer vacations.

Sun Tent For Babies

The day my UV Sun Stop’r Kwik Cabana came, my 3 year old couldn’t wait for me to set it up. I opened it up in the play room for a quick test run. The UV Sun Stop’r Kwik Cabana came in a easy to carry and stow case. I pulled the tent out pulled the strings at the top of the tent and it opened right up. My girls, ages 3 and 16 months, crawled right in. They loved it! The UV Sun Stop’r Kwik Cabana was just as easy to close as is was to open. I pushed the top down and it folded up very easily! This tent is perfect for when we play outside. The girls can stay cool and sheltered from the sun. The UV Sun Stop’r Kwik Cabana provides 50+SPF and is made with see-through mesh panels as well as a mesh front panel. The front panel can be folded up or left down. To purchase your own UV Sun Stop’r Kwik Cabana, it is sold for $42.99

KidSafe Safety Products

KidSafe offers other great safety products; baby gates, baby monitors, bathroom safety, fireplace safety, first aid, kitchen, bathroom, nursery, and fireplace safety, as well as other products that ensure the safety of your baby or toddler. Their website is easy to navigate through, allowing you to view products by brand or category. Keep your child out of harms way by shopping at KidSafe.