Kids Socks

What did you do when you were nesting?  You know the last couple of months when you start straighten up the baby’s drawers , sorting and putting away clothes, setting up the crib, etc.  My big thing was sorting socks.  Yes socks!  Piles and piles of socks. I think that for every book of baby names and baby name meanings I got when I was pregnant, I also got a plastic bag full of socks.  No, I did not buy them.  People gave them to me.  It was driving me crazy.  None of them were matched up, so I spent my evenings matching and pairing while Jakobi spent his days unmatching and losing them. He still does this and now he has Mason to help him.  What is it about socks that my boys love?  Right now Jakobi has on three pairs (none the same of course) and Mason has strewn the sock drawer about the house yet again.  Unfortunately, I feed the problem.  I love socks. Kids socks are the best, and has some of the best kids socks out there.  They sent me a sampling of some of their socks; and , of course, as soon as they arrived they were opened and worn! I received a couple pairs with VROOM! cars as well as RAWR! dinosaurs.  (Sound effects provided by the boys). The socks are well-made and have a very cute design.  With the affordable prices of, I could have ditched all the bags and made my “nesting” easier by buying all new socks.

“Kids Socks is a new one-stop-shop for all socks, booties, tights, and legging needs, stocking the cutest and funkiest styles for ages birth-tween.  With over 3,000 styles in 7,000 different hues from trendy brands like Trumpette, Tic Tac Toe, Sweet Feet, Puma and more, your shopping woes are sure to be solved with a quick and convenient click of the mouse (plus free shipping on all orders over $30).”

Although I received two pairs of socks, my opinions are still 100% my own.