This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kidzmet for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Check out the new Kidzmet Classroom Account for teachers.  The Kidzmet Classroom account has Student Snapshot of their students. These snapshots include:  personality types, multiple intelligence preferences, major likes/dislikes, and their primary cognitive styles, along with recommended teaching approaches/tactics.  Teachers can get all of this for just $9.99 per year. Kidzmet also has a 45-day full money-back-guarantee, so if this program is not all that a teacher hopes it will be, they can always get a full refund.

You can preview a Kidzmet classroom account Sample Snapshot.

This application is also available for use by parents, Student Snapshots have the ability to turn homework battles into an easy study.  Parents can get this benefit for only $0.99 which is less than a song download!! You will have the ability to send it to your child’s teacher or tutor.  You can even send it to yourself.  This way you can decide what the most effective way to deliver the homework to your child is. Keep an eye out for Kidzmet! Over the next two weeks Kidzmet will be on Better (8/15), Daily Buzz (8/9) & Daytime (8/11) all on syndicated TV!