ipad 2 accessoryI am a mess (and so is my kid – that is marker on his face!). That pretty much sums up a lot in my life. Even though to me it is an “organized” mess to others, I am chaotic and spread all over the place. This even carries over to my cooking or I guess I should say this definitely carries over into my cooking. When I bake, sometimes I wonder if any flour actually made it into the bowl! This being said, it would just make sense to say, I should not be taking technological tools that cost a ton of money anywhere near most of my creative activities, but me being so “connected” that is when I need them the most. I do not use cookbooks other than my mothers that has been handed to down to me that are made of paper. Most of my inspiration comes from StumbleUpon, Reddit or Pinterest. So how is one supposed to keep their iPad clean and flour free and still be able to utilize the web for culinary activities. Enter the Klick Multi-room Wall Mount For The iPad. The Klick Wall Mount has allowed me to have my iPad  safely installed above the counter space where on most days flour shall never reach.

It is a pretty great idea for tech-minded cooks, and it has saved my iPad many times from being coated in one type of food or another, but what really surprised me is how much more I use my iPad now. Since my iPad is often found hanging in the kitchen, I have downloaded an Internet radio app and the family often listens to music. It is nice to be able to clean and jam at the same time. It is also fun to have “twist” competitions with the kids!

The wall mount came with two mounts that I was able to install myself. Basically it is two screw that utilize a plastic mollys so it will not easily pull out. You know of the one in the kitchen, and I installed the other at kid level in the boys room, so they can play their educational games and flick through Netflix. Suddenly, we are all fighting over the ipad and the kids think it is theirs. Because the back of the iPad can easily hook in and out of the holder on the wall, the kids are able to take it off and put it on and move it from room to room. It amazes me how advanced my kids are. Mason, who just turned two has learned most of his alphabet, many songs, iPad navigation, colors and matching games because the iPad is so easily accessible to him.

Technology is amazing. I am glad I was able to find a company like the Joy Factory that makes so many products to help utilize an iPad more effeciently. You can purchase the Klick Mount for $49.95. Stay tuned because May 1 to the 18th you will have the opportunity to win this along with a ton of other prizes in the Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Event.