Kohl's Has Scary Good Halloween Costumes For Teens

When the kids were smaller, I would make a lot of their Halloween costumes. When they were really little, I could get away with something pretty simple that you can make from hand. As they got older, it was a little more difficult to get them to wear a grey sweat suit and some whiskers and say they were a mouse! I did learn to sew a few years ago and made some nice costumes when they were in elementary school. Now that the kids are 12 and 15, I have found it more difficult to find the right costumes. A lot of what is available in the stores seem to be geared for the younger or the much older crowd. What are you supposed to do when you have a tween or teen that does not fit into either one of those categories? Luckily for me, I was able to find the perfect costume for Caitlin at Kohl’s. They have a huge selection of costumes for every age group and for every budget.

Costumes For Teens

Kohl’s first opened it’s doors a little over 50 years ago in Brookfield, WS. By 1978, they had expanded from 10 to 39 stores and expanded into Illinois and Indiana as well. Now, they are online, have over 300 stores across the country and are one of the most poplar chains. The company wanted to be the leading family-focused, value-oriented, specialty department store and I think they have done that quite well. They offer quality brand items, both exclusively and nationally in an environment that is convenient, friendly and fun to be. You can find clothing, housewares, baby items, accessories, shoes and more, both in the stores and online. You can receive Kohl’s cash for additional savings on future purchases and purchase items that give back to the Kohl’s Cares program. This benefits children in health and educational initiatives in communities all over the nation.

I was sent the Sweetheart Bat Costume in an adult size and it retails for $36.99, but is currently listed online for $31.44. To make the look complete, we were also sent the very cool Rave Candy Wig. We got this also in an adult size, and it retails for $22.99 online and is currently on sale for $18.39. Caitlin loved the cute wings that came with the costume and I was pleasantly surprised at how well constructed they were. I think you get so used to cheaply made costumes that when you find one that is well made, you are surprised! Why though should I be surprised since it did come from my favorite store: Kohl’s! The only thing we did differently with the costume was to add a pair of black leggings as the skirt is on the short side for Caitlin’s modest taste. I am just thrilled with our ensemble and cannot wait for Caitlin to wear it to her school Halloween party in a few weeks. Be sure to keep up with the latest from Kohl’s by liking them on Facebook and Following them on Twitter. If you would like to get the latest deals and coupons via email, you can sign up for their email program online.