Let's Get Zesty

Most families these days are staying home and cooking rather than eating out. It is getting so expensive to eat out anymore that people just cannot afford that luxury as much. Have you seen the prices at the fast food restaurants lately? The average meal for just one person is close to $7 and for a family of 4, that is almost a tank of gas! Not only is it more economical to eat at home, but it brings the family together. My family loves to cook and I love experimenting with new recipes and cooking with flavor profiles I have not used before. One of the staples in my home growing up and in my home now, are the products from Kraft.   Kraft’s new “Let’s Get Zesty” campaign is encouraging folks to get in the kitchen steam up the kitchen with Kraft’s Zesty Italian Anything Dressing.

Start Cooking With Flavor

Start Cooking With Flavor

This campaign is so much fun and it really embraces what the Zesty Italian Anything Dressing is all about. This tangy and delicious dressing is going to get you to start cooking with flavor in the kitchen. My family loves to grill out, so marinating our proteins in the Zesty Italian Anything Dressing not only adds mouth watering flavors to the food but keeps the juices in while we cook. If you need some inspiration on recipe ideas using the Zesty Italian Anything Dressing, you can visit the Get Me Zesty recipe page.

Kraft’s Zesty Guy has only one thing on his mind, and that is to help you add some zest in the kitchen. Zesty Guy has a sense of humor and he thinks you should send a ZestyGram to get friends and family to Get Zesty as well. If you want to meet the Zesty Guy and see what Kraft recipes he has cooking in the kitchen, he has a fun video just for you! To get your mouth watering, think about making the Zesty Italian Chicken Salad which is a simple, yet playful dish will surprise even the biggest mainstream foodie. No matter what you are cooking, make sure you remember to Get Zesty with Kraft and add some Zesty Italian Anything Dressing to your dish. Your family will thank you!

One reader will win a bottle of Zesty Italian perfume such as Versace by leaving me a comment below. How do you Zest up your life?


  1. This time of year we just go get wet at the sprinkler park when the house gets tight and boring.

  2. I zest up my life with 14 grandchildren. There is never a dull moment! My husband is pretty zesty too! 😉

  3. I zest up my life by being spur of the moment! I love just jumping up and saying lets go on a little one day road trip or hiking or heck even a instant fishing trip 🙂

  4. Try to do something extra for the MRS. Breakfast in bed- bring her a favorite book, romantic drive. Little things do mean a lot.

  5. By living each day as if it was my last. I’m a Mom, Wife, Grandmom and I have a lot of great times with all of them.

  6. I zest up my life by going out with my hubby on date nights at times and also sometimes going out for a girls night.

  7. Oh no! I clicked the Instagram entry and I don’t have Instagram or I would do it. Please remove it for me, I shouldn’t get those points. Thanks and sorry again.

  8. I like to give myself a challenge to try something new weekly.
    some weeks it’s a recipe, some weeks it’s an activity–I mix it up.

  9. I keep things zesty by scheduling date nights with my husband. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  10. I zest up my life by going out to play in the rain, by playing basketball and by running. I zest up my cooking by trying to spices and flavours and by always making something new

  11. I use Zesty Italian Dressing in veggie stir frys. It’s amazingly easy to add flavor this way.

  12. I zest up my life by trying new dishes when we go out to dinner and then trying to recreate some of our favorites at home!

  13. I Zest up my life by starting it out with a positive outlook, always looking for ways to add more of everything into the life I have. Great family, great friends, great food, great moments, as well as new people, new adventures, new memories!

  14. We LOVE kraft Zesty Italian Dressing! It’s hard to “zest” up our lives with 2 small kids…but we try and do fun thing with friends and family whenever we can to keep everyone happy!

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