Usually, when blueprints and reports find their way onto the Internet, these leaks tend to corroborate one another. But when it comes to the iPhone 8, slated to come out in time for the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, nothing is so ordinary.

The latest leaks surrounding the upcoming generation claim different design features, bringing into question the validity of their sources. More importantly, these have complicated our chances of predicting what the 8 will actually look like.

April saw a snapshot of an early manufacturer rendering. We have the drawing thanks to a Weibo user who uploaded it to /LEAKS early in the month. The blueprint shows off the largest display on an iPhone yet; however, it doesn’t coincide with earlier rumors regarding a possible edge-to-edge design. Whether that’s because this is an old picture or a completely false one remains to be seen, but the image reveals slim bezels on the left and right sides, as well as a thicker bezel on the top and bottom that’s similar in size to the ones we can find on the Galaxy S8.

Despite these changes, the display should be impressive. The picture captures potential dimensions, putting the 8 at 149.5 mm by 72.5 mm by 8.6 mm, and the screen takes up most of it.

It also tips off on what could become of the latest generation’s camera. The picture depicts a vertically aligned camera on the upper left-hand corner, which goes against Apple’s trend of aligning past cameras horizontally. You’ll also see the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the back, placed underneath the Apple logo. This design is entirely at odds with earlier rumors that suggested the sensor would be integrated into the OLED touch screen.

By mid-April we saw a possible complication. Another Weibo user leaked a mock-up that was entirely different from the previous options. Most startlingly was the variance in sizes. While the first leak projected a handset larger than the iPhone 7, the newest leak shows a smaller one, measuring at 137.54 mm by 67.54 mm.

It does however match up with the first in that the display would cover the majority of the device, with only 4 mm of bezel surrounding each side. Sorry, once again the latest rendering has put a kibosh on the fabled edge-to-edge design.

The back of the iPhone shows no Touch ID, which could suggest two things. One, it could mean that Apple will be going ahead with plans to integrate a fingerprint sensor into the OLED screen itself. Or two, as rumors hint at Apple’s encountering trouble with this integration, it could suggest they’re opting for a biometric 3D sensor that would unlock the handset by reading the eyes or face of the user. Either scenario is equally likely, as leaks from earlier in the year suggested both could happen.

At this point, anything is possible as Apple tests out multiple prototypes in order to nail the 10th anniversary addition of the iPhone. This means anyone hoping to design a customize skin ahead of time should consider waiting until Apple itself confirms the final designs for its newest handset.

Don’t be fooled by any skin claiming to fit until dimensions are official, as there’s no way to guarantee these decals will cover the device. That’s why the designers at dbrand wait until they have the endorsed blueprints to create their iPhone decals, and that’s why they can guarantee a tailor-made fit that matches down to the micro-millimeter. To see how that works, stop by to see their decals for previous generations.

In the meantime, it’s fun to see what Instagram users like bro.king can do with these renderings. They’ve created realistic mock-ups based off earlier leaks, so we can get a better understanding of what could be in our futures.

In the Multiverse, there’s a world where each of these blueprints become the actual iPhone 8. Since we can only live in one them, we’ll only get to see the single prototype realized. Which one is up to fate, and we won’t know until Apple confirms or denies in an official capacity. Until then, it’s fun to see what could be!