Trends In Beauty Products
With all the family gatherings and holiday parties coming up, I want to be sure I am up to speed with the trends in beauty products.  If there is a new hot product or color, I don’t want to be the only one on the block to not be showing it off.  Also, I am going on an exciting business trip soon and I want to be sure I look the part.  I am a sucker for anything shiny and pretty, so I thought it best if I did a little research to see what beauty products were hot this season.  Here are some great products I found:

Trends In Beauty Products

  •  Digital Foundation: Who knew the digital world would partner with the make-up world?!  This nifty gadget lets you apply your foundation, concealer and powder in one application.  The hand-held electric device applies the mixture to you face with 5,000 pats per minute.  The result is flawlessly applied make-up that will have you looking like a star!
  •  Anti-Wrinkle Treatments: There is research that has determined that oxygen applied to the skin can help you decrease wrinkles.  This hand-held system mixes oxygen, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to reduce wrinkles and brighten you skin to give you a youthful and fresh look.
  •  Nail Polish Pens: Nail art is really, really hot this year and with nail polish pens, it is easy to do.  If you love the look of nail polish but can’t seem to apply it evenly, there is hope!  With a nail polish pen, you have more control than with a traditional nail polish in a bottle.  One of the hottest companies in this genre is LAQA & Co.  Not only are the nail polish pens cool as heck, but the colors are out of this world.

Nail Polish Pens For Nail Art

When I read about using nail polish pens for nail art, I was very intrigued.  I had not heard of these handy gizmos and I was eager to give them a try.  With so many great ideas for making your nails a work of art, you need a tool that will make the application a breeze.  LAQA & Co. has taken nail polish and art and put them together, and the result is some really awesome products.  LAQA & Co. not only carries nail polish pens, but also nail polish in the bottle, lip pencils, and nail polish remover pads.  They have a handful of gift boxes and I was given one that contained 2 nail polish pens, a fat lip pencil and a jar of nail polish remover pads ($54.95).  The colors I received were Pimpin’, which is like the pink of cotton candy and Mudpie, which is a cross between blush pink and nude.  These colors are gorgeous, they dry glossy and the polish goes on so evenly that you will be amazed.  All you do is click the pen a handful of times until you see the color come to the brush and you are ready to go.  Easy Peasy Mac N’ Cheesy!!  The Fairy Blood Fat Lip Pencil is a delicious shade of pink that just makes your lips perfectly kissable! The jar of nail polish remover pads takes your nail polish off lickety split.   I love being able to take my nail polish off without a lot of hassle, and these do the trick.  Each package your products from LAQA & Co. have been designed by a very talented artist and when you purchase a product from LAQA & Co., a portion goes to the artist, which I just love.  If you want a great stocking stuffer or want to give yourself a treat, hop over to LAQA & Co.

Two winners will receive a gift box valued at $54.95

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  3. My favorite would be the nail polish pens. They look like they would make applying polish easy and fun.

  4. At 75, my face needs a lot of moisture & wrinkle reduction, so I really like Olay Regenerist-it works & is affordable for me. I’ve gotten some good results with other cosmetics that add color, also. Thank you for your contest!

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