Kids bedroom furniture ideas

It used to be that the smallest room in the house became the kids’ bedroom and children were left to make it their own. Those days are no more. Now, decorating a children’s room involves design decisions for the adult which are just as important as the rest of the home.

Boys’ rooms

Bright colors are in for 2013, which is fortunate as most children like bold and vibrant colors. For boys, blue is the obvious choice, but there is no reason to stick to just the one color. Mix blues with greens and reds, accent with yellows or mix with pattern wallpaper.

Bedrooms for very young children often have a central theme. For boys, these can include nautical motifs, such as a sailor or pirate-orientated bedroom. Racing and cars are another favorite. Both of these themes can have either a boat or a car as the bed and the accompanying furniture decorated to tie in. A boat bed could float on a carpet of sea blue with an original desert island mural painted on the wall, or a racing car bed could sit on a race track floor with a pit stop garage mural.

Girls’ rooms

Pinks and purples are the obvious choice for young girls’ room and these can form the basis for the inevitable fairy tale castle design. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy design to create. A simple bed can be made fit for a princess with the addition of a toile canopy or by hanging fairy lights across the head and footboard. Like the boys’ room, mix solid color with a patterned wallpaper to create a feature wall.

To make the room a little more personal, stencil the girl’s name in an old-fashioned style on the wall, or write out a quote from their favorite book. A particular trend for 2013 is that of three dimensional wall art, and a girl’s room is the perfect display space for a flock of origami birds or mirrored butterflies.

Design trends

For older children, these themed bedrooms will be a little too cute. Parents are now choosing designs that will grow with their kids, and as such, the bedrooms have become more sophisticated. There is more uniformity in the design, with no more than two wall colors and matching furniture.

Girls could leave behind the fairy tale castle and opt instead for a vintage style room, with soft greys and pinks, subtle patterned wallpaper and upholstery and traditional style furniture, such as an iron bedstead. Boys could go minimalist with interest coming from big, bold, horizontal stripes on the walls. Grey in very in this year, so the stripes could either have a neutral feel, grey teamed with white, or a more eye-catching design of bright yellows and oranges, cerise pinks and primary red. These bright colors should be kept for only wall, but neutral stripes will work well for the whole room.

In both of these more grown-up rooms, a practical and attractive choice for the window dressing are custom made shutters or blinds. Shutters are a big design trend for 2013, one which shows no sign of waning.