Is it a bar? Is it a laundry mat? Is it a social gathering place? Is it a coffee shop? Is it an eatery? Is it the most fabulous place on earth? I think it might just be a bit of all of the above.

bar or laundry

My favorite pub/laundry establishment ever. the laundrette Well, it might just be the only one I have ever been to, but it is the coolest concept I’ve seen in a while. Who wants to sit around a hot laundry facility guarding your clothes. You know how it is, sometimes the laundry mat collects individuals that are looking for a place to lay their head, or perhaps a free pair of pants.

Answers to the questions one might have about a laundry bar...

1. Mixing alcohol and laundry you say?

Love the idea, but what could go wrong? I asked the bartender on duty how often clothes were left behind from patrons getting too drunk and forgetting their wares. It seems to me like it would happen more often than not, but he says they kick the patrons out way before it is even an issue.

2. How about the prices?

launderette prices

They are pretty reasonable! If you could read German, you’d see it is 3.60 Euros to wash and about 50 Euros per 15 minutes to dry. You can select anywhere from barely dry (for the unmentionables) to so dam hot you can’t touch it (for impatient people). I set mine on barely dry to prolong my visit. I was disappointed each time the dryer stopped, but pleased when I felt one item of clothing that may or may not be dry to start the cycle again! I’ll take those prices over 7.60 Euros per shirt at the fancy hotel!

3. What about the delicious looking cakes on display?


A lovely lady came in with arm full of vegan strawberry cream cake. Mostly her items are vegan as this is her way of life for four years now. Miriam, a social worker in the refugee camp by day and baker by night, brings her treats in for the owner of the laundrette. She began to bring in one cake at a time and now brings in 4 to 5 cakes a week!

4. How do you get there?

washing clothes at the bar

If you have 7 hours to spare while you are in Hamburg, I suggest you take the route my brother and I did. If not you should at least read about it, and then head straight to Ottenser Hauptstraße 56, 22765 Hamburg, Germany or give them a ring at +494051908243.

The distinctive mix of café, bar and coin laundry is located in the heart of Ottensen, in Hamburg.

In their virtual home they offer their guests a convenient overview of all of Hamburg’s events – from live football, DJ programs, to special occasions such as readings, release parties & co.

You can also rent the Laundrette for your parties and events. They look forward to your inquiries if you need more info.

lucky washer 13

To keep updated with the laundrette follow their social media channels on Facebook. Find more about all the Hamburg has to offer on their blog at and social media channels Facebook and Instagram.