layngoIf you have kids, you more than likely have at least one item that has a zillion little pieces. Or, maybe your child keeps a collection of some sort, such as Matchbox Cars, Transformers, Lego’s, or Polly Pockets.  Kids play and then all those little pieces are everywhere, and most likely some will be lost. If you are like most moms, chances are that you are keeping a close eye out for little toy parts while you are vacuuming.  You may also be finding little pieces under the couch or under the sofa cushion.  Lay-N-Go is the perfect way to store and organize all those little toy pieces in one place.

Toy Storage Organization

Lay-N-Go is a great solution for all of your toy storage organization.  It is a combination activity mat, cleanup, storage and carryall. It is pouch that opens and closes with drawstring, but when it is open it lays flat so it also be a play area. When done with the playtime, just leave the toy pieces in there and cinch up the drawstring.  Everything is contained and ready to go. It comes in two different sizes that are designed to close quickly and carry easily. The large size has a larger strap that can go over the shoulder, while the small size can be carried by hand. They also clean up easily since their high quality fabrics are designed wash and wipe easily.

There are 3 different styles to choose from:

  • The Lay-n-Go ($64.95), which is 5 feet when laid open.  It features an inside pockets and a shoulder strap. This bag comes in blue or green.
  • The LITE ($24.95), which opens to 18 inches wide and is reversible.  It is the perfect solution for life on the go. This bag comes in blue, green, pink, red and orange
  • Lastly, there is the COSMO ($29.95).  This Lay-N-Go opens to 18 inches wide and is the ultimate cosmetic bag. This bag is available in black.

The Lay-N-Go’s are the perfect solution for home organization or for travel. These are also very convenient for your child to grab and take with to a friend’s house. It keeps all the pieces in one place and is not bulky which makes it ease for a child to carry.

A mom and a dad developed Lay-N-Go. The mom wanted to find an easier way to manage the toys within the home, while the dad needed to find a better way to store his passion for Lego’s as well.