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  1. We will spend out holidays at home – with my parents coming to stay with us and then we’ll go to my in-laws for a day too.

  2. This year is a bit rough, so we will just be celebrating here at home with the kids in Texas, and not making he trip to Ohio as we normally would… but it will still be good..we’ll be together 🙂

  3. We’ll be celebrating at home, but we will visit with my dad and his girlfriend a few days before Christmas

  4. We’ll be celebrating at home, but we will visit with my dad and his girlfriend a few days before Christmas

  5. I spending the thanksgiving (the current holiday but just passed) at my parents house w my 2 brothers, sister in law,neice and my 13 month old daughter. My brothers kid and my kid r 30 days apart so its awesome to do holidays together. Alot of first’s we get to share.

  6. We spend Christmas Eve at my Mom’s and Christmas Day at our house. This will be the first year in about 6 years my husband doesn’t work on Christmas! So he can finally watch our 8 year old daughter open her gifts 🙂

  7. My entire family meets at my brother & sister-in-law’s house on Christmas eve, then I have Christmas morning with my sons at home, then to my sister’s for Christmas dinner.

  8. We’re spending the holidays at home this year, but I have sighned up for a few international gift exchanges online.

  9. I will be having 3 holidays. One here at my house, one at the in-law’s, and travelling to visit my family 🙂

  10. We’ll be staying in our new home with our own little family in Tennessee this year. We normally would travel to our home town in Michigan for the Holidays.

  11. We’ll be splitting the day. Lunch at our house with my family, dinner with his family at his grandparents.

  12. At my house! We just moved to a new place so we’re having family over here! Plus, its my daughter’s first holiday season and I want to spend it at home!

  13. I will be spending the holidays with both my family and my husbands family. His family does Christmas Eve present exchange and my family does Christmas dinner on Christmas so it works out perfectly!

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  15. We spend Christmas at home. My mom spends the night on Christmas Eve, then Christmas Day we go to her house in the afternoon to celebrate with my extended family.

  16. We usually spend Christmas Eve with my Mom at her house, then Christmas Day we spend visiting my husband’s family (Dad & Stepmom, Mom & Stepdad, best friend’s family, etc).

  17. At home and unsure if it will be a white Christmas or not because last year we had NO snow and the year before two feet had fallen before Dec. 25th! (I’m in the midwest).

  18. i will be spending the holidays with my family at my moms house:) every year we have dinner at my moms, but i usually sleep at my house xmas eve and xmas day my family spends the day/nite at my moms:)

  19. I will be spending Christmas with my little family that night before and early am then will our family throught out the day

  20. At home! It’s just too hard to travel with Santa! Hopefully I can get my parents and my Husband’s dad to come to our house…we’re still working on the plans 🙂

  21. We usually do Christmas Eve with my inlaws and Christmas day with my family.. last year both families came to our house. I think this year my BIL will host Christmas eve, but we will host Christmas day. I like for my boys to be home to open their gifts on Christmas day.

  22. We are lucky to have my inlaws and my mom within 30 minutes so our holidays will be spent close to home with family.

  23. I have to work Monday and Wednesday so at the crack of dawn we are driving 5 hours to Chicago to see my grandbabies, and then back home to work the next day. It’s a lot of travel, but I can’t imagine not seeing them on Christmas day.

  24. This will be the first year that my husband, our two boys and I will be spending the holidays at home by ourselves. It will be a different type of adventure and may be quite challenging for our youngest son who has autism. He is not very flexible when it comes to changing traditions and routines. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! =)

  25. Christmas is spent in our home…my grown children and their families will travel and spend a few days here, and my elderly parents along w/other family will join us for the holiday!

  26. In my home. I always cook every year, and have my now grown children, and my grandchildren come over to eat and visit.

  27. With one of my daughters and her family. With 7 kids it depends from year to year now. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
    Carol L

  28. Will be spending them at home with the kids as the hubby will probably get stuck at work with OT. But he will be coming home in the morning so at least we can open gifts together. 🙂

  29. We aren’t able to afford to leave town, due to our family being military we are states away from all our families, so we will be spending thanksgiving and Christmas for the very first time at home, away from our families

  30. We will be spending part of the holiday at my dads and then my kids and grandkids will be spending the rest of the time at my house.

  31. We will spend part of it at my dad’s with all of the family and then my kids and grandkids will spend time at my house.

  32. We will spend part of it at my dad’s with all of the family and then my kids and grandkids will spend time at my house.

  33. Our family will be spending our holidays locally, providing outreach to the homeless and mentally ill in our community.

  34. We recently moved to Tennessee from Michigan and this year we will be staying home with our little family. Enjoying the Holidays on our own this year. Its bittersweet! Lol

  35. We will celebrate the holidays at our house with no furniture because we are in the process of moving. We are hoping to have our house rented out soon, and so maybe we’ll be in a hotel trying to find which house we are renting next, lol.

  36. At either my sister or my parents home. We haven’t decided yet. It depends on who is coming home for the holidays because we have family in different parts of the country.

  37. I will be spending Christmas at my mom’s house in the morning, then my dad’s house, then my grandmother’s house, and then my house or my cousins’ house in the evening.

  38. Staying home broke and can not even get my three year old grandson anything for Christmas. I am disabled and there is no money to speak of. I would love to win him something cool. Cynthia Halstead.

  39. We always spend Christmas at home. My parents and my husbands parents stay here with us.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!


  40. We will all be getting together at a daughter’s house. Which is very big… mine is rather tiny and all of us just don’t quite fit anymore

  41. I will spend them at home.If the grandparents want to come here then great.It is chaotic with 4 kids to go to everyone else’s house(like we have done in the past).

  42. Our celebrations are spread out…his family the Saturday before (two hour trip each way), then ours at home with younger kids on Christmas Day. Then My family the Saturday after , and then our whole family with our adult children and kids two weeks after or so, a few days after the new years.

  43. Spending it with my bio sister that I haven’t seen in over 15 yrs. She was adopted in with a diffrent family and we finally found each other after 15 yrs!

  44. We are spending Thanksgiving in Tennessee (traveling from GA) and spending Christmas in Georgia where we live.

  45. I will be spending Christmas Eve with my sister, her family and my mother and Christmas morning at the in-laws.

  46. Spending the holidays at home. We live over 1,000 miles away from home and can’t afford to go home for the holidays.

  47. At home in Georgia, with my son, pregnant daughter-in-law, and 3 grandchildren,all living in the same house! It will be cozy!!

  48. I will be spending Christmas at home with my family. My husband beat a stage 4 cancer diagnosis earlier this year. That is the best gift my todddlers and I could have been given.

  49. I will be at my uncle’s house. We spend every Christmas at his house but this will be the first Christmas without his wife, my favorite aunt. She died after 30 years of fighting several different diagnoses of Cancer.

  50. At home by myself for Thanksgiving – Christmas we are getting together on the 29th in Lincoln, NE and spending it with Grandma. She has brain cancer and a mass in one of her lungs and this could very well be her last year as she isn’t doing to well on Chemo.

    Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks!

  51. We’ll be home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. But for Christmas, the whole family will be here also.

  52. We’ll be home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. But for Christmas, the whole family will be here also.

  53. We’ll be home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. But for Christmas, the whole family will be here also.

  54. I will be at home with my husband (our families are 2000 miles away), but will be visiting our family a few weeks before Christmas to celebrate with them.

  55. We will be at home again this year. Hopefully next year the economy will be better so families that live apart can travel and be together for the holidays.

  56. We will be going between my moms, my dads, my grandmas and my in-laws for the holidays. Its always very busy for us!

  57. We always have christmas at our home — with over 20 family members from my side of family. With my husbands family we spend it at his mom’s house with over 20 plus family members. His mom also lives in the same city so we don’t have travel far!!!

  58. I will be splitting my time between my dad’s house (where I get to see all my nieces, nephews, great nieces, and great nephews) and my cousin’s (where I get to see my godson).

  59. For Christmas with my side of the family, we will be going to my parents’ house. Then for the in-laws, we will be hosting!

  60. Christmas eve is at my house with my dad and step mom – christmas day its me hubby and our son and for chritsmas dinner we do it hubbies family. Dec 27th is chritsmas with my mom.

  61. My holidays are spent over several days. Tradition is to go to my mother’s with my siblings, their families, and my mother. We have another part of our Christmas at my house with our sons and thier families and my husbands sisters.

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