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Legacy Learning Systems sent me Learn & Master Photography with Vince Wallace to review. This is one of the longest reviews I have had to do and let me tell you it was worth it! Learn and Master Photography is a 15 dvd course with 24 lessons. There is a lot to know about photography. Some people are under the impression that its all about the camera. Those people are completely wrong. It’s all about who’s behind the camera. Being a photographer is always a work in progress. The technology is always changing and there is alway a new creative outlook to find as well as learning the basics. The basics are not buying an expensive camera, having a beautiful backdrop, and perfectly looking subjects, it helps, but there is beauty in everything and being a professional photographer is learning how to capture that beauty. These dvd’s offer many helpful pieces of information as well as suggestions not emphasizing on one type of equipment.

Not knowing much about the Learn and Master Photography product, I thought watching dvd lessons could be very boring. I was wrong. Vince Wallace was entertaining and had so much great information, it was hard to not continue on to the next lesson. He is a young and upbeat guy that I enjoyed listening to. Every day for the last month, I would watch one-two lessons. I became obsessed with learning. I read my camera manual more times in the last month, then I ever have (one thing Vince suggested you do to become a better photographer), figured out better organization system to photo editing, and became aware of many camera and lighting factors that I had not been aware of before. I must say I have had quite a chance in my work.

Legacy Learning Systems: Learn and Master Photography is sold for a great price of $249 . If you are interested in becoming a better photographer, I suggest getting this DVD series.

Learn & Master Photography is a sponsor of the Christmas in July Event on July 25-31. Make sure you check out their photography blog: Silver Hill Images with Vince Wallace.

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