Learning your cameraFiguring out the camera that you have is very important before you spend a lot of money on a new one! This is the one lesson I have learned with my adventures in life. Well not exactly the camera, but learn what you have before you upgrade. You never know when you might be siting on a good thing already. Also, I have found learning the basics with the basics helps you develop a strong foundation.

Florida Photography

I was all ready to go out and buy a new camera that cost over $500 just because I wanted to be able to have a close up of my recipe dishes with the blur in the background. Guess what? I learned I could do that with my Olympus Stylus 7010. All I had to do was whip out my manual and actually read it!

How to do close up pictures

I am just in love with that effect. As you can see I am just taking close up pictures of anything in my Florida yard and to me nature is just beautiful. I am so impressed with the quality from a camera I was two days before letting the kids play with because it was a “junk camera.”

You can find beauty in anything

You can find beauty in anything. Even bougainvillea plants that thorn me daily! All of a sudden the beauty just popped out at me. I never could understand why everyone who takes pictures was so excited to show me picture after picture of what looked like plants and trees. Now I get it! Now I see!

Learning Composition

I know I still have a lot to learn especially composition and lighting, but I am glad I am able to learn on my starter camera while still getting results close to what I was originally aiming for.

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