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Go ahead and laugh at my demonstrating of savings! However, let me tell you now it is all for a good cause. My son’s teacher has a treasure box that she lets all of the kids get treasures out of on Fridays for good behavior  This is most of the kids favorite moments, and my son’s for sure. He has had a hard time adjusting to being away from Mommy and Friday’s treasure is his highlight. Anyways, Jakobi’s teacher buys these “treasures” with her own money, and we all know that teachers do not get paid as much as they should. So, I try to help out in his class as much as I can. When I saw his teacher at school last, she said the treasure box was getting low. Off to find some money to buy treasures!! I just found myself another Champion for Kids Simple Service Project.

GE Savings

I know that you can save a ton of money by switching from regular lighting to GE Energy bulbs, so I am demonstrating to the public (you guys) just how to do that with my awesome crafty Elmer’s Tri-Fold board.  You can find out how much you will save by switching by taking a gander at the GE Energy Savings Calculator yourself. I know you can save a ton because I took the make the switch challenge and changed all of my light bulbs to energy efficient lighting.

I also learned that by replacing six 60 Watt bulbs that were there, I would be saving $50.22 a year on one lighting fixture and $275 over the life of one bulb.

Elmer's school supplies

That is a lot of school supplies. I knew that I wanted Glitter Glue to make my board stand out some.  A wise woman I was talking to earlier said, Everything is better with glitter glue! I totally believe her, and guess what I found in Walmart on my way to pick up the Elmer’s Tri-Fold board? Yup! Elmer’s Glitter glue. You can see everything I did at Walmart in my Google Plus album.


Mason picked out the Elmer’s Tri-Fold board. He looked at three or so before he settled on the one right in the middle. I remember using these for science fair projects when I was a kid. They are still very popular in my town cause they just seem to fly off the shelves.

Tri Fold Board from Elmer's

You can find out more info on the Champions for Kids program by following them on Facebook and Twitter. If you are uber crafty or even want to learn to be, you can find Elmer’s all over the internet @elmers, @gluenglitter and on Facebook. I wonder what kind of project you will be inspired to do from my masterpiece. Go ahead! Get the whole family involved. Why, even my kitten, Cali, wanted to help.

Crafting Kitty

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  1. Supporting your teachers and local students is an excellent cause! I love that you found a way to save to reach out in your community! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful idea and project!

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