Do You Have A Will?

It is the subject no one wants to talk about, and it is one of the most important you will address.  Everyone needs a will. However, many people just do not want to think about it, let alone make one. I know I need to. I do not think anyone in my family knows what I want, but more importantly there are things I need to say to some people before I die!

Do your loved ones know what your wishes are, what the state your finances are in or who will look after your children? The stark truth is that if you do not prepare a will, the ones you leave behind are left with a lot of questions and unpleasantness. Many people may not know how to go to about creating such an important document. Thankfully, there is an online company that has created a step-by-step process to make creating your will as easy as possible. PassedOn enables people to record a message of love, apology, a secret long held on to or a last wish they want to make known. Whether you want to pass on your message in a text, picture or a video, PassedOn will help you do all of  that absolutely free.

Do You Have A Will?

Since I knew I would be writing this post, I began to think about that question: Do you have a will? Well, honestly, I had not given it much thought until now and realized how important it is to have one. How nice it is to have PassedOn to make it so easy to do. Here are the easy to follow steps as well as explanations when called for:

  1. Sign up for the free account at PassedOn’s website, where you can access the information in several languages.
  2. Add the people you care about, like family, friends, colleagues or lovers.
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  3. Record your thoughts, wishes, or other important  information via texts, photos or videos.begood
  4. Choose the 3 people you trust the most: these will be your Guardians who will be asked to verify certain information when the time comes.
  5. Log in periodically to your account, keeping it updated and active. If PassedOn does not hear from you within a certain time frame, your Guardians will be contacted to verify your status.
  6. If you have passed on, PassedOn will release the information you have recorded for your loved ones.
  7. Now your loved ones can cherish your thoughts, dreams, wishes and other personal and pertinent information you have left.


That is how easy it is to set up your account with PassedOn and they have representatives as well as detailed information and videos to walk you through anything you are not sure about. What a thoughtful and intelligent program to use to perseverance your confidential information.

 I think my favorite part about PassedOn, and what I will use it for, is to record moments you want to share with your kids as they grow. Like how you proud you were of them when they aced that big test, or how excited you were when they called from Malaysia. Who knows where their life will lead, and I know I will want my kids to KNOW the love I felt for them AND be able to access that after I am gone.


  1.’s like having a digital diary in your pc. I’d love to see how it works, kinda interesting. Can i also entrust my atm pin numbers? secret investments as well? Let’s see.

  2. I was lucky enough to have a friend who is a lawyer who did our will for free but it was definitely on the to-do list once we knew we were expecting our first baby.

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