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Social Power

If you are a part of the social media world, did you ever stop to think about what its intent is? I know many people use the platforms to share pictures, funny quotes and their latest life status. Others are using these platforms as a way to communicate their deepest thoughts and feelings about issues that are relevant to them. Think about how much easier it is to get the word out about such issues as childhood obesity, living an eco-friendly life or educating and advocating for autism and those who have it. Before social media, we were limited to how we could spread the word about important issues as well as how we could gather information about them. Now that we have Facebook, Twitter and blogs, we are able to send a message to hundreds, even thousands. There is a new program called Social Power that is taking the power of these platforms and spreading relevant information exponentially.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Social Power is a newly launched start-up whose mission is to let your voice be heard and make a difference about every day issues, both big and small. The idea of co-founder and president, Daniel Gleich is to tap into the power that social media holds to actually make changes happen. Using Social Power is extremely easy and they have produced a very short video to explain the concept and how to use it. So, for example, I would post on the Social Power website which issue I feel is important to me, which would be advocating for autism research and education. My son, who is 12 has autism and we had to pull him out of public school and home school due to excessive bullying, both from teachers and students. My husband and I were told in a meeting with the principal that our son was not "disabled enough" to qualify for classroom assistance. What we did get was repeated notices from the teacher and the principal that he was disrupting the class and was being kept from participating in recess or would be forced to have a silent lunch. What is heart breaking is these kids do not have any idea why they are being punished for being who they are. Now that is something I would love to have changed!


Once I post my issue (which I have), Social Power and I will then work on making the issue known on our separate social media platforms. Once 1,000 people are supporting the issue on our combined platforms, the issue becomes an initiative. Gleich says, “This is when it gets exciting. Since every Social Power initiative is potentially resolvable, there will always be a person, board or governing body capable of helping us create a resolution. We call those people ‘Agents of Change’, and once an initiative is formed, these Agents of Change are notified of the initiative they are capable of resolving.” The video tells you towards the end that it doe snot take a bullhorn and a soapbox to change the game, which is what my husband I were doing. Now, with Social Power, all you need is an internet connection and a meaningful issue to bring about change. That is exciting! Check out the video below.


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