LIFE Foundation Sponsors Life Insurance Awareness Month

Everyday brings a new challenge or obstacle for us, as mothers, to solve or overcome. It seems like the world would fall apart if we were not there to put it back together. I know it is not a pleasant thought, but what would happen if we were not there? Have you thought about that? Are you prepared? September is Life Insurance Awareness Month which makes this month the opportune time to think about preparing for the future in case something should happen.  You would want your family to be taken care of right.

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The nonprofit LIFE Foundation sponsors Life Insurance Awareness Month.  The reason why they do this is because there is a growing problem of families not having life insurance protection or just not having an adequate policy. Did you know 11 million U.S. households with kids under age 18 have no coverage according to the industry research group LIMRA.  If something drastic happened to one of those families, medically; they are facing a financial crisis.  The Life Foundation thinks that this is an important matter that needs to be addressed.  So, they have created the “Insure Your Love Picture Mosaic” in support of Life Insurance Awareness Month.

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The “Insure Your Love Picture Mosaic” is to acknowledge those who have life insurance and it also introduces them to a community of like-minded individuals. If you have life insurance, you are encouraged to upload up to 20 photos of your loved ones.  Every photo uploaded, LIFE Lessons Scholarship Program (which provides tuition assistance to students who have lost a parent and are struggling to achieve their dream of a college education) will receive $1.

Go Upload 20 pictures of your loved ones to the mosaic on the LIFE Foundation’s Facebook fan page.

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