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With long, thick hair Florida Humidity can sometimes be unbearable. I need to be able to get my hair up and out of the way but I hate to just throw it into a ponytail. The Lilla Rose Hair Clips are super cute and dress up the classic ponytail. I have nearly one of every style including the Hair Sticks, Orings,Hairbands, and Bobby Pins but my favorite will always be the classic Flexi Hair Clip. They’re so ornately designed and they make pulling off hair styles, like the twist, a breeze. They come in a variety of styles and even 6 sizes ranging from 2inches to 5 1/4 inches. The Mini is great for pulling back bangs and the extra large can pull off nearly any undo. Then there is every size in between. I recently got the mini to pull my bangs back and I love it. Plus, starting at only $11 Flexi Clips are completely affordable and worth every penny.

easy hairstyle

The story of Lilla Rose is truly inspiring  John Dorsey and his wife started with a hot product, chop sticks, that their friends adored and quickly bought up. After being referred to large manufacturers and retailers they realized how terrible it can be. They were completely dependent on what companies sold and ordered from them – totally out of their control. At times they couldn’t even make rent. Finally, have no capital and no hope he took his original products and a weekend in the garage to prepare for a craft show where he came back with $1000 in hand. It inspired them but they needed more financial stability. “Product demonstration, instant customer feedback, immediate cash results… WOW! A whole new world opened up! With utility patent in hand I set out to spread my enthusiasm for the Flexi-clip directly to others.” Thus was born his direct sales business.

Today, families and women like Sarah Hives are using Lilla Rose to gain their own financial freedom, work from home, or just make some extra money on the side. Sarah Ives is a stay-at-home mom to three little ones and an Independent Consultant with Lilla Rose. She has built a successful on-line and in-person business in 8 shorts months.

Sarah: I first saw Lilla Rose on a blog. I thought the clips looked like something fun and entered a giveaway. I ended up winning that giveaway. When I got my first Flexi, I was amazed. It was gorgeous, well crafted, and extremely comfortable. I kept telling my husband how much I loved my Flexi and he joked, “Well then, why don’t you sell them?” That joke actually prompted me to look into the business opportunity. I decided that I really wanted to be able to share Flexis with my friends and family. I never intended sell on a larger scale, but as my love for Lilla Rose has grown, so has my desire to share these amazing products with others. I have been incredibly amazed by the success of my business in such a short time. These beautiful products truly sell themselves. I’ve mostly focused my business on-line by working with bloggers and creating a fan base. I have also had many successful in-person parties and events—a few over $1000 in sales (think 45% of that!).

She was able to start with only $49.95 or she could make the larger investment of $600 that she could start to earn up to 45% commissions on sales. Plus, you can sell anywhere: online, at home, craft shows, fairs, and festivals. Independent Consultant Sarah Ives is sponsoring the giveaway of two flexi clips of choice. The winner may not have won within the past 6 months. Curious as to what size you might be? Watch the video below to be able to answer the giveaway question! You can keep up with Sarah on Twitter @sarahiveslr or sign up for her newsletter!


  1. i have one of their large clips. i would like to get a small for when i want to do my hair up.. i am soo impressed by this one clip i have i would pick any other product to try

  2. I would either choose the medium Vibrant Cluster of Hematite or the large Elegant Ornate Center. Both are so pretty! Thanks so much for having this giveaway! 🙂

  3. If i were to win i would choose a hair clip with dragonfly. My Godchild that passed away we use the dragonfly as a symbol for.him

  4. I would need the small or extra small flexi clip. I love the diamond center. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  5. I think I would get the most use out of an extra small because I don’t have much hair. I like to wear it in ponytails, mostly.

  6. These would be for my daughter, and she has extremely thick hair, so I think for a partial pony-tail she would need a large, and for other styles, she would need an extra large. Thanks!

  7. I have tried a couple of times to sign up for the Lilla Rose Newsletter but it seems impossible. It asks for you to enter a URL a couple of different times and no matter what URL I enter it keeps saying “Errors below”. Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong? Thank you!

  8. Glad I saw the video. I have thick hair, and never can find something to work, and would have ordered an XL. I think the L will be plenty.

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