Lipstick Shades Men Melt Over!

Ladies, eyes aren’t the only approach that lures gentlemen in. Your luscious lips are like candy if lipstick shades are chosen the right way! So go for the right shade of fabulous to make your man melt. According to the Man wearing red lipstick may be compared to that of Bozo the Clown or even makes a woman look as if she is trying too hard. Well fear not… we have found the best shades that are bold, intense and yet charming all at once.

Lipsticks Your Man Will Love

Let’s start with red, after all it is a fear factor for many woman. We recommend that instead of opting for the venomous blood red, try a poppy red like CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Hot.  Like that flame you are trying to entice, bring on the sexy with a strong pout that will leave him lingering in your presence. Want to try a shade lighter? Try Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Lipcolor in Electric Orange. Although just as ruthless as poppy red, you share a brighter side with a hint of orange and a ray of sunshine. Letting him know, that well… the grass is always greener when he is with you!

Nars Funny Face Fuschia Lipstick is a showstopper. claims that this color “looks good on anyone.” Think so? We agree. When going out on a date, a fuschia lipstick is as fabulous as it is adventurous. What we like about this lip color is that you can show off your playful side, which is ideal for that lasting first impression.

Oh baby, baby. We love this shade for that second date. It will keep him squirming in his seat to get smooch from you. Baby pink is gentle, sweet and yet just the right amount of sassy. So show your flirty side with Tom Ford Lip Color Shine “01 CHASTITY”, as he swoons over your baby face.

Men love a natural beauty. Many claim that it’s because they see the “real you”, “it is more intimate” or that you appear more “confident.” Whichever rings true to you, try a softer shade that is closer to your own lip color when swaying away from bright or risqué colors. We enjoy a matte finish such as Dior Rouge Dior Lip Color in Angelique Beige.

Author Bio: Amy Apodaca is a content specialist and style editor for Health Beauty, a national publication that celebrates lives well-lived and admirable lifestyles through celebrity, health, beauty & fashion, food and travel. 

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