Lite Sprites

I have had the opportunity recently to review a new product for little girls called Lite Sprites manufactured by WowWee.  I am having a difficult time finding the words to express the absolute joy and happiness my daughter felt when she opened the boxes.  While we were on vacation the last couple of weeks we were seeing commercials for Lite Sprites and she kept saying “I wish I could have those”.  Being my typical self, I said maybe.  So when she realized what they were she flipped and said “Mommy I wished for these and they came!” So cute!

The Lite Sprites live in Lite-Topia and have this amazing ability to share light with each other after catching it from the color wheel or any solid surface.  The Lite Wand is used to collect the colors, it has 10 built in colors and you can collect another 40 colors to add to your library.  It also has 2 color games, lights and wonderful whimsical sounds.  Prisma is an adorable Lite Sprite who is the leader of all her Sprite sisters, she comes with her Forest Pod stand and hook.  Bleak is black and white and cute as can be but don’t mess with her, she uses her power to disturb color and remove it.  The Lite Wand is the only thing that can block her, she also comes with a Forest Pod stand and hook. The Waterfall play set is so cool, it interacts with each of the Lite Sprites in special ways.  The Lite Pets are  little pets that come with a little log to sit on, they don’t light up but they are equally as fun to play with as the Lite Sprites.  Check out the YouTube video to see how they interact with each other.

We had the most amazing time playing with the Lite Sprite set, we hung the Sprites on their hooks from the ceiling fan pull chain and put the waterfall on the floor.  With the lights off, the magic started to happen the colors and wonderful sounds made us feel like we were in Lite-Topia!  My 1yr old loved the show, she was clapping, smiling and babbling for more!  The color games were really fun and kept my 4yr old going for hours, she loves color so this was a perfect game for her.  I love how the wand has so much technology built into it, I would have never guessed that it could pick up colors off of other surfaces.  My daughter asks to play with the Lite Sprites every free second she has, they are a hit to say the least.  She has asked for the Tree of Lite for her birthday.  I am actually excited to collect all the playsets and Sprites, our whole family thinks these Lite Sprites are the coolest toys we have seen and want to play along.  I never thought I would see the day my husband got on the floor to play with little dolls and a wand!  Thank you Lite Sprites for giving our family some fun and educational time to connect!

I must say I usually dread opening toys because there is always so much packaging and it takes forever to get the toy out and assembled.  WowWee did a fabulous job on the packaging its super easy and took no time at all.

The Lite Sprites Lite Wand and Prisma with Forest Pod are $29.99, Sprite Bleak and Forest Pod $14.99, Deluxe Waterfall Playset $19.99 and Lite Pets $6.99.  You can find the Lite Sprites at Target, Walmart, Kmart, Sears and  Check them out on Facebook.