Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift Idea

Are you looking for an Eco-friendly baby shower gift? Did you know that being more eco-friendly can mean more ways to add style into your life? I love pretty colors and patterns! They make me feel fun and vibrant! There are so many lovely styles of eco-friendly wet bags. You got to admit, reusable cloth diaper wet bags bags are so much cuter then a zip lock or plastic bag. Little Bitty Things etsy shop sent me two of their fabulous wet bags. I was sent the Grey Bloom Lead Floral Wet Bag in size medium and small. These bags are so perfect for so many reasons. Like most moms, I’m always on the go. I can put wet swim suits, wet clothes, and traveling items such as shampoo, conditioner, facial and hair products in these wet bags. It seems like every time I fly, the people that search my baggage leave one of my toiletries open. These wet bags are perfect for those items and keeping the leaking moisture secure. For mom’s like me who uses cloth diapers, these bags are great for dirty diapers and carrying cloth wipes. They can also be used as swimsuit wet bags to keep the clothes wet and your car dry.

The small Grey Bloom Lead Floral wet bag measures approximately 7” x 7” and the medium measures 12” x 12”. Both bags are with a outer layer and inner layer as well as a carrying handle and zipper closure. The outer layer is made out of a pretty cotton print and the inner layer is made from a waterproof/leak-proof lining. The seams are double-stitched/ serged and the layers are sewn separately which prevent wicking. All of Little Bitty Things wet bags are machine washable and then are to be laid flat for drying. I was very impressed with the quality of these wet bags! To purchase a small wet bag from Little Bitty Things they are sold for $12; medium size is sold for $18. If you are looking for the perfect bag for makeup and small items, check out the cute mini wet bag.

Little Bitty Things has fabulous wet bags but also sell great blankets, burp cloths, and OTG totes. Get eco-friendly and stylish with Little Bitty Things Wet Bags!

BONUS Unique Gift Idea For College Kid Or Teenager In Sports

Looking for a gift that hard-to-buy college kid or teenager in your life? Are they involved in sports? A wet bag would be a great gift idea for a college kid or kid in high school involved in sports to keep their musty, smelly, wet, sweaty clothes in their place!

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