Little Tikes

Living in Florida is fun! We get to spend a lot of time outdoors with the birds and the bees, and in our yard sometimes there are just too many… Jakobi and Mason were itching to get outside as soon as the  Classic Whale Teeter Totter and Easy Store Jr Play Table arrived from Little Tikes. At first, it was raining, and raining, and raining. you know how tropical weather can be. Soon the sun decided to show itself and all of the adorable creatures of nature were happy to come out and play. The kids were kinda freaked out. Bees. Everywhere. Each of the flowers you see in the picture above had a bee on it, and the kids could not tear their little eyes away from them. Not even for a picture for mommy.

Little Tikes (1)

So Mommy ran around the yard and chased all the bees away. Jakobi says not that one Mommy. He is right there. I see him! Sigh. I could see this was going nowhere fast. Good thing Little Tikes makes quality, indoor-outdoor toys. We carried the picnic table and the whale teeter-totter inside. And how the boys rejoiced!

Little Tikes (2)

Did I mention that they were the big boys? They just could not resist playing on a teeter totter. It was not long after that the kids kicked the big kids off. I mean it is their toy right? Soon the bees got their fill of nectar and the yard had an all clear!

Little Tikes (5)

Awe! My kids are too cute! I am sure that it is the Little Tikes toys that shows off their inner spirit just right for the camera! Since Summer is here, the sales are on! Little Tikes has just the item to get your little one up and active outdoors! You can save $30 on the Sand & Sea Play Table from Now until July 10th! or you can save $10 plus free shipping* from Now until July 8th! My favorite thing about the picnic table is that it is a fold and go. This means I can bring it to the beach easily, to a friend’s house who needs more seating (like for play dates), or for easy storage. The possibilities for summer fun are endless. What do you have planned this summer that you could take a Little Tikes table?


  1. I am a Little Tikes junkie. My oldest is 24 and “he” (me) has been collecting the toys since before he was born. We have big trucks, toy boxes and work bench, all Little Tikes in the attic that he played hard with and they still have lots of life left. I love that picnic table!

  2. My mom has little tikes products that she bought when My sister (24) and I (22) were toddler or preschool age that she now uses with my nephews. Great quality products for sure. I love that your husband tested out the durability hahaha.

  3. My kids totally freak when it comes to bees – I’m glad you got your kids to sit out there at least! lol Those teeter totters are so much fun. I love the picture of the boys at the picnic table.

  4. We have a much older version of that table. We’ve had it since my daughter was a tiny tot. That Whale Teeter Totter looks like a lot of fun.

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