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Making any relationship work over the long haul is tough. Open and honest communication within a relationship is a fundamental part of understanding the differences which make every couple unique. Maybe you have things you want to discuss, but feel reluctant to bring up the subject. Shared experiences and the effect they have on our ability to openly communicate with one another are the subject of WEtv’s new Friday night 10pm/9c show, Sex Box.

Three Ways Watching Sex Box Can Help Your Relationship Work

  • Honest Communication – An issue raised during the show could spark a similar or identical discussion there at home. The wide range o topics discussed make this all the more likely. There is no intimate activity shown; the show’s titular box being well and truly private in addition to its easy-to-understand color coding. Red is busy, blue is not. After they’re done they come out and share, and the talk is as frank and open as it gets. It’s certainly an opportunity to discuss relationship issues you would compulsively avoid in polite company, and it is offered that many relationships could benefit from talking about these more often.SexBox Warning
  • Schadenfreude – It is not the most noble of feelings, but many people look at their own lives more positively when comparing them to others who are less fortunate. It is quite possible that after watching some of the more troubled couples, you will look at your own relationship issues in a softer light. Like many new US series, Sex Box is a remake of a British series of the same name from 2013. They’ve gathered a distinguished panel of psychotherapists to provide advice to the couples appearing on the show seeking relationship help. The couples come on to the show with existing issues, and the show’s premise is to use the aftereffects of sexual activity to encourage honest and open discussion of intimacy issues.
  • Education – The experts on the show are unquestionably credentialed psychotherapists and the advice they dispense is valuable even when the specific problem may not be immediately applicable to you. Being prepared for future relationship obstacles can yield real benefits. We learn from our own mistakes, but also those of others.

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