a modern witch

Let me paint a quick picture before I get to the meat of this post. I blog as my job, but it started as a fun hobby. This means that I love what I do to earn money and have a great passion for my work. However, I think it is important to have a hobby away from your hobby to keep things from getting stale, and to give your mind (my mind) a break.

I have and am sure I always will find “my break” in books. When I was younger, I used to get “punished” by being grounded from reading. My most zen time is with my nose in a book, and my mind totally immersed in someone else’s world. I love melding my imagination with an author’s to create a playground, safe haven or mystical world to play in.

This being said, you might notice that I rarely review books that I have read. On average, I read 4-5 a week depending on the subject matter and my free time factor, but since reading requires free time, I do not want to take away from said free time with work, even if it is a fun job. I know I am not probably making a lot of sense, but I am trying to stress how unusual it is for me to tell you about a treasure of an author I have found.

Debora Geary – Pure Awesomesauce

I swear she uses some of the magic she writes about to spin her tales. I came across her books while searching for a free read from my Amazon Prime membership. My husband had gifted me with a Kindle for Christmas and being my frugal self wanted to start using my prime perks immediately.

I started with A Modern Witch because I saw it was part of a larger series. I know that if I like a book I want to keep going and do not like to wait for an author to get their words on paper a year later with a sequel. I figured a 7-book series with the last one being released June 2013 was an acceptable wait time. Fast forward 3 days and now I have read every book she has published. I stayed up until 2 am reading and woke up at 7 am to start again.

She is a fairly new author and has already pumped out a trilogy, 5 of 7 books in a series, and several shorts to fill i some holes of the characters of Witch Central. Then she goes back and writes the beginning tale of a central character. With the quick pace of her publishing  you would think a tale or two would be lacking in quality, but each word I have read has captivated my heart and inevitably prompted me to write this post.

Geary, who I would love to refer to as Debora one day because that would mean we were friends  weaves an entire magical world akin to the one we live in now. The story line inn each of her books are well written and thought out with loose ends that do not leave you banging your head against a wall. She tells the whole story and picks up all of her trails as she goes. I fell like I know each and every member of the Witch Central clan and have developed a friendship with them as they grow in the story. Don’t you just love it when you can become completely immersed in a story? Love, friendship, mischief  self-discovery, and rites of passage a just a few threads that are intertwined in her tales. Old world magic meets new world technology and the result leaves you yearning for more.

I would not be able to do her magic justice by even trying to review, but instead I urge you to take a peek for yourself. Most of her books are $3.99 on Kindle and the novel nibbles are $.99. She also loves it when you share her work and review it. She will even gift you with the next copy if you take the time to review one of her works.

This post is no such review. I paid for all of my books except for the one I borrowed from Amazon. There is no way I would be able to wait that long for an email to travel through the net to be received, when I could just click buy so much faster to get my next fix. I know once you travel on the journey with me, you will want more, so you can sign up at her website to be notified of new releases. You will not have too long to wait with a few books already planned on the horizon of 2013.

Also be on the lookout for my version of Nutella cookies, Lizard’s Biscuits & Elsie’s tomato sauce!