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Made by Meegz etsy shop sent me a Camera Strap in the style of Brick Yard for Christmas in July. The theme for this Christmas in July is Smile for Photography. A stylish camera strap is a great reason to smile. It is the perfect way to make your camera your personal style. My camera is almost a permeant fixture of my body so having the right strap is important to me. Made by Meegz etsy shop specializes in making fabric camera straps. All straps are handmade to withstand the weight of SLR and DSLR camera’s. The owner of Made by Meegz ensures the durability by stitching over the nylon webbing at least 6 times. Nylon webbing is tested at 600 lbs and fabric strap and plastic has been tested at 100 pounds. This strap is sure to keep your camera safe.

The camera strap sent to me is the style of Brick Yard. The colors of the strap are black, red, and ivory made with a soft fabric. I love this strap because it’s very professional looking. Here in Florida, our big wedding season is in the fall and winter. I think it will be  the perfect strap for all the weddings I have booked this year! The total length of this strap is 52 inches, 32 inches of that is the fabric and the other 20 inches is the nylon webbing which is adjustable. Besides being a very stylish and durable strap, this strap (as well as all of Made by Meegz straps) is equipped with two quick release snaps, one on each side. This snap feature is awesome!! It allows quick removal of the strap when  its not needed for different photo situations.

Want to purchase a strap like mine? Made by Meegz sells this strap for $25. A lens cap pocket can be added on to the strap for $3. The lens cap pocket fits a lens cap that is 2 1/4 inches wide and is a perfect add-on feature for photographers on the go. Made by Meegz has a great variety of super cute straps. I suggest checking this store out!

Made by Meegz is a sponsor of the Christmas in July Event on July 25-31. Make sure you d check out their website: Made by Meegz
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