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Make Cleaning Toys Fun From Toy Dozer Sweepstakes

Make Cleaning Toys Fun

If you a parent, I am sure you would love to find ways to make cleaning toys fun.  If not, I envy those of who don’t need to resort to bribery or threatening the loss of a limb to get your kids to clean up after themselves.  I must say that when push comes to shove, my kids do really well with cleaning their rooms.  What is funny is if there is a mess they made in any other room of the house; they think that is my area to clean!  Silly, silly children!  The hardest toys to clean up are those that come in a million different pieces.  Oh, and those really little ones?  You never find them all until you step on one!  It reminds me of how someone always claps you on the back when you have bad sunburn.

There is a new and innovative product on the market that is a must have for families with children.  The Toy Dozer is easy to use and makes your kids want to help clean up their toys.  One day, not too long ago, there was a mom and her son, trying to clean up a pile of 32 gazillion little toys.  The mom grabbed an old shoebox and a separate piece of cardboard and they scooped up the pieces lickity split!  From there the dedicated mom searched all over the land to find a similar item but found none.  From there the “toy-picking-up-thingy” became the Toy Dozer and the rest is history.

Getting Your Kids To Help Out

When there is a mess around the house, getting your kids to help out is sometimes like pulling teeth!  My problem with successfully talking my kids into cleaning up is two-fold.  First of all, as with all kids, they don’t exactly offer to help you straighten up.  The other issue of course is with Henry’s autism.  I know it is hard to relate to living with a person with autism, which is why I talk about it so much.  Here is an example:  a few days ago the little boy next door came over and he and Henry dumped out every stinking storage bin of toys he has.  When you tell most kids to “clean your room” they drag their feet, but they understand.  With Henry, he gets completely overwhelmed and cannot just jump in and clean.  He can only focus on one task within a task at a time.  Instead of saying “Clean your room”, we say “Put those books on the book shelf” and we do that with each area that needs cleaning.  I am thankful that Toy Dozer (retail cost $18.00) asked my family to review this clever product.  I can’t express what a blessing the Toy Dozer has been to us!  The Toy Dozer came the same day Henry and his friend made that huge mess.  He got a blue Toy Dozer and Caitlin got a purple one and we took them in his room and we had the best time!  We ended up having a contest to see who could clean the most toys in the shortest time.  What a life saver!! Oh and p.s…, the Toy Dozer is awesome for cleaning up packing peanuts and Styrofoam pieces!!

One winner will receive a Toy Dozer in their choice of color, valued at $18.00

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