Make It A Family Pizza Night With #MarcosFreshSpinach

One of my first jobs was working in a family owned pizza restaurant. I learned to make dough from scratch and was able to flip it in the air like a pro! We had an open kitchen with a counter top bar and a lot of the kids would sit on the stools and watch us flip pizzas. We would challenge one another to get the dough as high in the air as possible while the kids would clap and cheer for us. If I tried that at home now, the dough would probably end up on the ceiling and the kids would laugh instead of clap! We have a pizza stone and we enjoy making pizza from scratch when we can, but we do not have the time for that very often. When we want to have a family pizza night, we let Marco’s Pizza do all the work!

It's Not Family Pizza Night Without Marco's

Over the years eating I have eaten my fair share of pizza and have become a bit of a pizza snob. Money is tight and we consider a family pizza night a treat and therefore we do not order out often. If we order from a restaurant and it was not absolutely delicious, we do not go back.  When we do go out, we feel we should receive excellent service and be served superior food. This leads me to why we love Marco’s authentic Italian pizza so much.

When Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco, the founder of Marco’s, moved to the U.S. from Italy, he grew up working in his family’s pizzeria. In 1978, the first Marco’s Pizza was opened in Toledo using only the highest quality and freshest products. Their dough is made fresh every day, they use imported spices and three types of vine-ripened tomatoes for their sauce and an exclusive blend of three fresh cheeses. In addition to their phenomenal pizzas, you can also order their delicious sub sandwiches, fresh salads, the cheesiest bread you have ever had and more.

Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza

We are lucky to have several Marco’s Pizza locations within a 15 minute drive of our home. You can order online or call in ahead and they will deliver if you are within range or you can pick it up. The closest location to our home has tables for you to eat inside but we decided to do carryout since I was feeling under the weather. The staff is always pleasant, efficient and the place is always immaculate. We had ourselves the best pizza party ever with the package of Marco’s Pizza goodies we received in celebration of their new Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza. We received coupons, pencils, a beach ball, a cool camo hat, a travel coffee mug and balloons!

Caitlin and Marcos Pizza

The Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza is hands down the best pizza I have ever eaten! It has generous portions of tender grilled chicken, a Parmesan garlic sauce, and four tangy cheeses. It also has plenty of fresh spinach, sliced fresh tomatoes, and chopped red onions. For my husband, we ordered the Marco’s Cheese Pizza with fresh spinach, and for the kids, we went old school and ordered plain cheese. The pizzas are fresh, the spices in the sauce and the other ingredients are in perfect balance with each other and the crust is cooked to perfection. The prices are absolutely affordable, the menu selection is extensive and is one of the few places I have seen who serves Gatorade, which Henry gave a big thumbs up. If you are looking for one of the best pizzas around which will fit into your family budget and will have the kids begging for more, you just have to call Marco’s Pizza!

What are your favorite pizza toppings?